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Located just north of the Calgary region, Airdrie is known for being one of the industrial centers in the province of Alberta. Before becoming a city, it was originally founded as a railway village in the year 1889 — linking Calgary and Edmonton at the intersection of Queen Elizabeth II Highway. The city was named for Airdrie, Scotland. In the year 1985, it was formally announced as a city. 

Although having a very small population, Airdrie has become an important corridor to cities such as Calgary and Edmonton. This is one of the reasons why industrialization has powered the city and gave enough prominence for the region’s thriving economy. Aside from towering the industrial businesses, Airdrie is also home to popular sporting franchises. Its recreational sector is similarly competitive to that of businesses and other affairs. 

The city’s most famous holiday is The Airdrie Festival of Lights. It takes place in Nose Creek Park, a natural park located in the heart of the city. It lasts for a month and happens during the cold winter December nights. The festival is known as the largest outdoor Christmas lights display in Western Canada. Over the years, this has become part of a family’s tradition as well as for the Airdrie community. 

If you’re looking to experience some ecstatic nights around Airdrie, consider yourself lucky! The city is also home to lively bars and lounges, where you can enjoy your favourite rolled marijuana joint. The warm and enthralling sensation that cannabis and weeds can give you is enough to suffice the cold and whimsical atmosphere from the Airdrie nights. 

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