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Turbo Budder


Tutti Frutti Live Resin


Tyson Live Resin


Tyson OG AAAA+ Indica Craft by Chilliwack Reserves


UK Cheese Budder


Ultra Banana


Ultra Pink


Unicorn Hunter Hash


Vancouver Island Hash


Vanilla Gorilla THCa Sugar Diamonds


Vintage Gas Caviar


Viola OG Live Resin


Watermelon Kush Kief


Wedding Cake Live Resin


Wedding Cake Shatter


Wedding Crasher Live Resin


Wedding Crashers Shatter


Wedding Gelato


Wedding Pie Budder


White 99 Budder


White Buffalo THCa Sugar Diamonds


White Cookies Shatter


White Death Budder


White Diamond


White Fire OG Shatter


White Gushers Shatter


White Raspberry THCa Sugar Diamonds


White Rhino Shatter


White Widow


Wizard Punch AAAA+ Hybrid Craft by Parksville Farms


Wookies Shatter


Yoda OG


Yoda OG Live Resin


Yuzu Purple Shatter


Z Cube Live Resin


Zig Zag Hash


Zkittlez Shatter


Zoap THCa Sugar Diamonds


Zombie Candy


Zombie Candy Shatter


Zour Apples Live Resin



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Assessed for quality, taste, and affect, our bud burns clean and is free from contaminants.
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