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1g Super Skunk HTFSE Sauce | High Voltage Extracts


5 Star Budder


9 Pound Hammer Kief (AAA)


Acapulco Gold Live Resin


Afghan Kabul Hash


Afghani Sword Hash


AK-47 Kief


AMG Hash


Anchor Hash


Banana Split Budder Wax

Bentley Hash


Black Gold Afghani Hash


Black Temple Hash


Blackberry Cream Kief (AAA)


Blackwater OG Shatter


Blue Dream Kief


Blue Gelato Budder


Blue Master Budder


Blueberry Hash


Bubba Kush Live Resin


Bubblegum Hash


Cake Frosting Budder


Captain Crunch Live Resin


Charas Temple Hash Balls


Chemo Budder


Cookies Kush Budder Wax

Cotton Candy Live Resin


D8 Premium THC Distillate Oil Syringe | 1G


Dank Sinatra Shatter


Death Bubba Budder


Death Bubba Live Resin


Death Star Budder


Diamond Kush Budder


Dolato Shatter


Donkey Butter Live Resin


Dr. Who Budder


EL Chapo Shatter


Gelato Live Resin


Gelatti Live Resin


Georgia Pie Shatter


Ghost Bubba Budder


Gold Stamped Afghan Hash


Golden Camel Hash


Gorilla Grapes Budder


Grape Gasoline Live Resin


Green Lantern Shatter


Guava Gelato Budder


Hawaiian Snow Budder Wax

High Octane Live Resin


Ice Cream Gelato Live Resin


Imperial Crown Afghani Hash


Island Pink Budder


Jack Hammer Shatter


Jack of Spades Shatter


Jelly Breath Live Resin


Jolly Rancher Live Resin


Juice Box Shatter


Ketama Gold Hash


Kimbo Kush Live Resin


King Mamba Shatter


Kush Mints Live Resin


LA Soda Live Resin


Larry OG Live Resin


Larry OG Shatter



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