One Standard Low Wholesale Pricing

Our selection of wholesale weed includes both dried flowers and concentrates and more high-quality cannabis strains.


Who We Serve?

We serve other online dispensaries and retailers all across Canada.

After a few years of operations, we have built several relations all across Canada. We maintain good rapport with our clients and respond to their needs within a timely manner.

We believe that our clients choose us because they value our service above all else.


Why Should You Order With Bulk Buddy?

We firmly believe customers will appreciate the level of service they can expect from Bulk Buddy staff. We hand select the best quality products after testing them, and work directly with other manufacturers to ensure our customers are satisfied. We pride ourselves in giving our complete attention to each customer. That is what separates us from the competitors.


Our Company Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest-quality cannabis product at the lowest possible price available to all Canadians across Canada.