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1g Super Skunk HTFSE Sauce | High Voltage Extracts

$50.00 $45.00

510 BrightBay Lithium OTG Battery Button Vape PEN 400mAh


9 Pound Hammer Kief (AAA)


AK-47 Kief


AMG Hash


Anchor Hash


Banana Split Budder Wax

Better Than Bubba Live Resin


Black Cherry Punch THCa Diamonds


Black Gold Afghani Hash


Black Temple Hash


Black Tuna Shatter


Blackberry Cream Kief (AAA)


Blue Dream Kief


Blue Master Budder


Blueberry Hash


Bubba Gum Live Resin


Bubba Kush Budder


Bubba Kush Live Resin


Bubba Kush THCa Diamonds

$600.00 $550.00

Bubblegum Hash


Charas Temple Hash Balls


Chemdawg Live Resin


Comatose OG THCa Diamond


Cookies Kush Budder Wax

Crystal OG Shatter


Dank Sinatra Shatter


Death Bubba Shatter


Donkey Butter Live Resin


Durban Poison Live Resin

$230.00 $210.00

EL Chapo Shatter


Facewreck Budder


Fruit Tartare Live Resin


Gelato Live Resin


Gelatti Live Resin


GMO Cookies Live Resin


Gold Seal Medical Hash


Gold Stamped Afghan Hash


Golden Camel Hash


Gorilla Glue #4 Live Resin


Grape MKU Live Resin


Green Crack Live Resin


Gruntz Live Resin


Gushers Live Resin


Hawaiian Snow Budder Wax

Hellfire OG Shatter


HTFSE THC Vape Cartridges | High Voltage Extracts

Jager Fuel Purple Hash


Jelly Breath Live Resin


Ketama Gold Hash


Kimbo Kush Live Resin


Kush Mints Live Resin


LA Cake Live Resin


LA Soda Live Resin


Larry OG Live Resin


Lindsay OG Budder


Lindsay OG Kush Shatter


Lindsay OG Live Resin


Lindsay OG THCa Diamonds


Maserati Hash


Master Jedi Budder


Master Kush Budder


Mazar Sharif Kabul Hash


Mendocino Purps Shatter



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Assessed for quality, taste, and affect, our bud burns clean and is free from contaminants.
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