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Gucci Hash



Colour: Black
Texture: Medium Soft

*Quality differs with new batches, smaller amounts are alway recommended before bulk purchases*


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Gucci Hash From Bulk Buddy’s Curated Online Dispensary in Canada.

Discover Gucci hash , a premium cannabis hash that represents the epitome of craftsmanship. Crafted with utmost care in the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia, Canada, Gucci is derived from a meticulously selected hybrid strain, resulting in a delightful blend of earthy, herbal, and pungent flavours. This artisanal creation captures the essence of dedication and attention to detail, offering a potent and indulgent experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the captivating terpene profile of Gucci, where nature’s finest collides with exceptional expertise. Elevate your cannabis journey and savour the unparalleled quality of Gucci hash. Explore the world of Gucci and indulge in a truly remarkable cannabis experience.

Hash, or hashish, is the product of collecting the resin stalks, trichomes, or THC, from cannabis plants. This classic form is commonly collected by growers when they handle mature plants. The resinous trichomes of the plant rub off on their hands, thus creating the common terminology for it: rub. In some areas, it’s referred to as finger or scissor hash.

If you apply a little bit of heat, it will become more malleable and easier to work with.

There are a few ways in which one can consume this product:

– Crumble up & sprinkle into a joint
– Smoke out of a pipe/bong/hookah
– Smoke using a one-hitter

Hash, or Hashish, is a concentrate made from the resin of the cannabis plant. It is consumed by inhaling from a small piece, typically in a pipe, bong, vaporizer or joint, or via oral ingestion (after decarboxylation). As pure hashish will not burn if rolled alone in a joint, it is typically mixed with herbal cannabis, tobacco or another type of herb for this method of consumption.

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23 reviews for Gucci Hash


Average of 23 reviews

  1. Top J

    a bit too dark for my taste

  2. fred453


  3. Tyler Craig (verified owner)

    Very dark and hard I like it

  4. Amy divine


  5. Melo6kle

    Relaxing and chill

  6. centvin


  7. Doom

    Good taste clean hash

  8. john smith

    good ol h

  9. Louis thompson

    Its great

  10. Theo

    Its ok

  11. Weedguy710420

    designer quality

  12. Pholeevier Vanbeel

    Du lourd mon gars

  13. crist (verified owner)

    bon H mais il en a du ben mieux ici

  14. stevesnow81

    amazing hash

  15. Melo6kle

    great buzz and great price!!

  16. Giovanni vittelli

    Clean hash

  17. Newfie1982

    Beautiful hash

  18. jakethesnakeroberts

    Incredible buzz

  19. Mike Spencer

    Super Fresh

  20. Stanley Cobblepot

    Super hash

  21. newfie1982

    Great selection of hash! Can’t beat Bulk Buddy!!

  22. dogmom339

    Nice quality

  23. Melo6kle

    really nice looking and enjoyed the smoke

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