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Affiliate Program

Bulk Buddy Affiliate Program

Do you want to help us bring traffic to our website and drive potential customers, while you earn yourself some good deal of money? Bulk Buddy wants to help you by helping us. Just simply register via the form provided below to make an account, and be one of our trusted Cannabis Affiliate Program.

Conversion Action

All actions performed by a customer such as an online purchase or phone call are valuable to our business. In keeping track of conversion actions, you will know how your ads and promotions lead to our customers’ valuable actions.

In this business, conversion actions are available for website actions like online purchase. If you wish to record more than one of the same of conversion action, you may create multiple conversion actions. When making an online purchase, there will process a valid payment method.

Cookie Duration for Recurring Payments

For everybody’s benefit, a cookie is a value stored on the client’s computer. We use this to mark and record any affiliate program referral. When a client comes to our website by means of your interface, a cookie is saved on the computer.

Unfortunately, each cookie has an expiry date as there is no option to set a lifetime duration in the cookie. However, if you wish the cookie to last longer, you can specify and set a very high number. In our business, the duration of the cookie is set to 30 days. This means that if a user comes and visits our site via your affiliate program link and purchases something from us within the span of 30 days, you will receive a commission for it.

Commission Type

As an incentive to your excellent job of driving customers to our site, you will receive a commission for the amount of effort you put in making the sale. Our base commission rate is 5%, where our product sells easily to where your effort is substantial. Even with this standard, your total rate of commission will still depend on the quantity or value of work achieved.

From a practical standpoint, high-performing sales like will earn bags of amount when you work with us. And to our side, the payroll cost is related to the value of business achieved and not the amount produced. After all, business-like us exist to not just to make things, but to make goods and services for profit.

How about a deal? Get the word out about our site and we’ll get you the rewards you deserve. Be one of our affiliates today!


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