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Located in aspen parkland, Red Deer is mostly known as the third most populous city in the province of Alberta. Before becoming a modern city, Red Deer began as a collection of small steads and trading posts. It was inhabited by Aboriginal tribes prior to European colonization. One of these tribes includes the Cree, who named the river where the city sits on as Waskasoo Seepee — from which the city derived its name. In the early 1900s, the city experienced a massive increase in settlers. Only a year later, Red Deer was officially incorporated as a town. 

In the same manner, like its neighbouring cities, Red Deer is also an economic standard in the Western region. The city also acts as a major centre for the oil and agriculture distribution in the province. With its rich position in the fertile lands of the aspen parkland, Red Deer is blessed with its oil, grain, and cattle production. The farming industry of the city elevated the level of agricultural production in Alberta, even the thriving primary distributor of agricultural goods. 


Aside from being an industrial haven, Red Deer is also home to a vast range of both arts and culture. In the year 2003, the city was dubbed as the Cultural Capital of Canada. It houses some of the famous theatres and festivals of the country, such as Central Alberta Theatre, Ignition Theatre, Central Music Festival, the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery, and the Red Deer Royals. The city’s cultural sense has made it to the top of the Canadian Heritage. 

Several recreational activities are available in Red Deer. One of the famous go-to spots is the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame & Museum. Here, interactive games are up for grabs. If someone wishes to enjoy a water park, the Discovery Canyon is a must-go. The park is incredibly fascinating and a perfect place to visit during the hot summer days. It has a nature-themed playground for kids, and picnic tables where a family can enjoy their mini-reunions.

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