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Sour Apple Killer



Bud Size: Small – Medium – Large
Ratings: (AAAA-)
Texture: Semi-Dense & Perfect Cure
Flavour: Apple / Candy / Citrus / Lemon / Sour / Spicy / Sweet
Medical Usage: Anxiety / Appetite / Depression / Epilepsy / Inflammation /  Pain / Stress
THC: 23 – 29% CBD: >1%
Batch: June 20, 2024

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Buy Sour Apple Killer (AAAA-) Hybrid Marijuana Strain, Now available at Bulk Buddy’s Curated Online Dispensary Canada.

The delicious NBK X Sunset Sherbet(sunset sherbert) X Sour Apple strains were crossed to produce the Sour Apple Killer strain which is a wonderful evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% Sativa). Do you enjoy a strong sour apple flavour? This bud strain delivers on all counts, with a powerful candy apple taste that puckers your lips.

The sour apple killer strain overtone is accented by sharp zesty lemon and light spices in the aroma, which is just as tangy as it was in the flavour. Almost as soon as you take your first deep breath, a feeling of sugar rush elation will wash over you. You’ll feel happier while a permeating sensation of calm works its way through both mind and body, leaving you feeling completely sedated yet totally at ease which is a whole new level.

The sour apple killer high does not hit immediately, and you will doze off into a long and restful sleep as the high begins to wear off. Sour Apple Killer strain is frequently used to treat chronic stress or anxiety, peaceful sleep, persistent chronic pain, muscle spasms or cramps, and sadness because of its powerful 22-30% THC average.

Sour Apple Killer cannabis strain is said to be ideal for daytime or evening use depending on tolerance level. Newer smokers may want to take caution with this strain, as Sour Apple Killer’s potency can easily overwhelm less experienced users. Sour Apple Killer weed is popular marijuana on the West Coast and can be difficult to find in other markets. Sour Apple Killer marijuana plants grow best indoors and tend to produce small yields. Sour Apple Killer’s flowering time takes about 63 days on average.

This cannabis strain is packed with forest bright green popcorn-shaped nugs with a lot of bright orange hairs, vivid purple undertones, and a sheen of frosty amber crystal trichomes.

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3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 1/2 Ounce, 1 Ounce, Quarter Pound, Half Pound, Pound

38 reviews for Sour Apple Killer


Average of 38 reviews

  1. M Mouse

    This looks very nice! Love the selection you have. Hope to see some more new ones soon!!!

  2. Dog Mom (verified owner)

    (This review is from an April 22 order)

  3. Jeff in the Flesh (verified owner)

    Meh it was alright

  4. Mercdogstunna

    Real clean burn and smoke!

  5. Weedguy710420


  6. Darian (verified owner)

    It smoke really good smells really good

  7. BulkBuddy555 (verified owner)

    Waiting on order “shipped” October 20 – today is October 26, mail for today has been delivered – will update when recieved…No updates with CP tracking, states it’s in BC still while I’m on the other side of the country in Newfoundland…not impressed to say the least

  8. Loki89


  9. ludovic gallant bouchard (verified owner)

    Very good but not as good I had hoped fire trip but buds are ugly good texture and not best taste is weird more AAA

  10. Fitz

    Beautiful buds colour

  11. Dog Mom (verified owner)

    Agree with Ludovic’s review above!
    My expectations were a bit higher, really pretty dark colour!

  12. Brody Nelson-Keller (verified owner)

    Bought it again nice strain.

  13. josh7873 (verified owner)

    Good . I’d get again

  14. shredder


  15. Brody Nelson-Keller (verified owner)

    Third time buying the Dec 28, 2022 batch. The first two bags were very purple like the images but the last bag was more of a darker green. The smell and taste was the same. I think I got a bag from a 2023 grow and BB forgot to update the listing? I am still happy with it.

  16. Brody Nelson-Keller (verified owner)

    Please bring back the SA-K it was really good!

  17. Melo6kle (verified owner)

    odeur et apparence parfaite!

  18. Melo6kle (verified owner)

    ces un hybrid met qui qui est beaucoup indica je l’adore il est tres consistant!

  19. Melo6kle (verified owner)


  20. Stéphanie LeBlanc (verified owner)

    je l’aime vraiment beaucoup mais les budz sont un peu petite

  21. buddy514 (verified owner)

    Beautiful compact green flowers with a nice fruity scent, a bit like green apples. Nice stuff

  22. Yann Roberge (verified owner)


  23. David Bartlett


  24. Gallagher

    Fugging amazing

  25. Melo6kle (verified owner)

    Very good quality
    I really liked this one!!

  26. jakethesnakeroberts

    Love this one

  27. M Mouse (verified owner)

    Yes, this is terpy and tasty. 👅 as described

  28. dogmom339


  29. Shawn Woodcock (verified owner)

    I ordered 3 craft strains and 5 AAAA strains, and from nose only, Sour Apple Killer became my least favorite of them all..After smoking one, I was pleasantly surprised..The smell doesn’t translate to the taste at all..For me at least..I actually began to like the taste, and the high was on point..Bag appeal 5..Taste 4..High 5..Smell 2 (😂)..Flush and Cure 5.. 8.4/10

  30. Brutus (verified owner)

    I agree with Mr. Woodcock👍😅 The taste is a lot better than the smell, tacky buds burns slow & good buzz.

    Thanks BB

  31. htical (verified owner)

    my favorite! what a great strain. nice sweet peppery taste. main reasons why I love this strain, it’s an all day smoke, no lethargy, doesn’t make you hungry and is very happy ! no complaints.

  32. Newfie1982

    Great daytime weed

  33. Kush420

    looks great. how does it smoke….

  34. west (verified owner)

    No complainants

  35. TomShanks (verified owner)

    finally decided to order this strain for the first time, was not disappointed

  36. Kush420

    nice looking buds. can’t go wrong

  37. Kush420

    nice 👌 👍 😍

  38. jaybeast23 (verified owner)

    really good taste!

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