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Bud Size: Small – Medium – Large
Texture: Semi-Dense & Perfect Cure
Flavour: Citrus / Earthy / Herbal / Pine / Pungent / Spicy / Sweet
Medical Usage: Arthritis / ADD / Anxiety / Depression / Insomnia / PTSD / Stress
THC: 24 – 30% CBD: >1%
Batch: May 6, 2023

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Trainwreck Sativa Dominant Hybrid Weed Strain From Bulk Buddy’s Curated Online Cannabis Dispensary Store in Canada.

Trainwreck strain now at Bulk Buddy Nearby you Online is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis with a spicy taste reminiscent of pepper. Like many Sativa, hybrids Trainwreck provides a very intense cerebral high with effects that are mood-enhancing and euphoric.

What makes Trainwreck different from many other hybrid strains is that it still displays most of its Indica effects as well – covering the body in a nice, warm, pain-numbing buzz.

When it is properly grown, retains the lazy couchlock feelings of an Indica and the cerebral stimulation of a Sativa, making it an extremely popular and sought-after strain in cannabis dispensaries. Apart from the usual dryness of the mouth and eyes, some users may experience paranoia, anxiety and dizziness.

Even with its Indica effects intact, Trainwreck still provides a mostly Sativa high with ADHD, PTSD and stress most often listed as its top medical uses. Properly grown Trainwreck is also used to alleviate chronic joint aches and muscle stiffness. From many users’ accounts, only a few hits are needed to induce both the cerebral effects and a body high complete with couchlock.

This strain was supposedly the creation of two Californian brothers back in the late 1970s. It is a mix of three other strains Thai (Sativa), Mexican (Sativa) and Afghani (Indica). In its true form, ninety percent Sativa and only ten percent Indica. As the story goes, the two brothers had to pull their crop early because a nasty train wreck happened near their grow site and they didn’t want it discovered, thus the name.

It can grow well both indoors and outdoors. Plants of this strain grow fairly tall but the Indica in them causes them to fill out well. Inside grown in hydro a single plant can yield up to 500 grams in a square meter. When grown in soil outside plants are ready for harvesting in early October and can yield up to 700 grams. This strain flowers somewhere between eight and ten weeks.

For the longest time, this was only available in clone form but more recently a few places have been able to recreate seeds of the strain. Several others have tried to imitate the strain under the same name, some with great success. Real Trainwreck will have thin leaves and dense buds full of resin. The buds give off a strong citrus smell as they ripen.


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 1/4 Ounce, 1/2 Ounce, 1 Ounce, Quarter Pound, Half Pound, Pound

126 reviews for Trainwreck

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Avery (verified owner)

    Buds were large and smelled great, quite leafy though with some fluffy buds.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Lyra

    Really good. Very impressed for the price. HUGE nuggets!

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. Scott (verified owner)

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

  8. Wes T. (verified owner)

    Nice buds and great smell, has that diesel taste to it when you smoke and the head high is pretty good. Brings me back to when I almost first started smoking

  9. Peter (verified owner)

    Wow all i can say wow! Name suits it well lol!

  10. Joe c. (verified owner)

  11. Julian (verified owner)

    Is really good, not for beginners

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    SmokingFox$👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Perfect In every way

  13. Alex (verified owner)

  14. Pepsi M. (verified owner)


  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

  16. Joseph L. (verified owner)

  17. Philip M. (verified owner)

  18. sebastian Herrmann (verified owner)

  19. andrew (verified owner)

    as always the best

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great taste burns nice strong long lasting buzz love it

  21. James G. (verified owner)

    This is my favorite of all, does exactly what I need it to do!

  22. Sandy Lee (verified owner)

  23. Dennis M. (verified owner)

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

  25. Dan (verified owner)

    Very happy with this strain would buy again.Great price point

  26. Gordon K. (verified owner)

    A nice spicy smoke

  27. Jack B. (verified owner)

  28. Cody (verified owner)

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    don’t tell anybody, the price will go up, LOL, great weed keep up the good work

  30. Clinton (verified owner)

  31. josh martin (verified owner)

  32. Lyle (verified owner)

    I Have tried this strain from 9 different sources.this one is exceptional. Solid nugs .clean burn . I Would buy again . But ya know there are soooo many choices . On this killa site.

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

  34. Alberto Q. (verified owner)

  35. Geoff (verified owner)

  36. Melissa C. (verified owner)

    Small buds. An once of shake in my half pound….But lots of crystal. Appreance had me worried!
    Wow tho…pretty strong .. it’s a great high!! After smoking it! Great price! Great high!

  37. Frank (verified owner)

    Smoke smoke, nice nugs

  38. Kyle Atamanchuk (verified owner)

    Wasn’t potent at all, very little crystal was let down

  39. Noah D. (verified owner)

  40. Alberto Q. (verified owner)

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very tasty sativa. A proper train wreck, with lots of frost, cant complain.

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

  43. Anonymous (verified owner)

  44. Maurice Larochelle (verified owner)

  45. Isaiah (verified owner)

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice stuff . Everything looks great.

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Was expecting more but it’s still a good evening smoke

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great smell

  49. Jason R. (verified owner)

    Tasted sooooo bad and make everything taste funky for 2-3 hours after.. also there is no way this stuff was fresh it had to be at least 6 month old stuff I love this strain but I don’t know if I will try it again from here AA- at most

  50. Peter B. (verified owner)

  51. Cory (verified owner)

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome smoke for price, nugs are kind of small but no complaints

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

  54. Mike Esposito (verified owner)

  55. Seth Rickard (verified owner)

    Wish i had enough

  56. Darren (verified owner)

  57. Chris Gloade (verified owner)

  58. Anonymous (verified owner)

  59. Lyle (verified owner)

    Not to bad a different pheno than I’ve had before pushing towards ak47 ish with a tad of vanilla

  60. Joseph N. (verified owner)

    Great stuff , Quality is fairly good , taste great

  61. JohnnyB420

    Good stuff. Smells great, sweet cheese kinda smell. Usually a buzz hits the head first and the body stone comes rolling in after. This ones opposite, body comes right away but the head high is a creeper. Sativa peeps like it

  62. Anonymous (verified owner)

  63. Cate (verified owner)

    Sweet smoke. Thanks Bilk snuffy!

  64. Leonard (verified owner)

  65. Brandon (verified owner)

  66. Tyler Pierce (verified owner)

  67. Karen (verified owner)

  68. stephen gagnon (verified owner)

  69. Leah A. (verified owner)

  70. Mark S. (verified owner)

  71. Anonymous (verified owner)

  72. Anonymous (verified owner)

  73. Anonymous (verified owner)

  74. Anonymous (verified owner)

  75. Andrew (verified owner)

    Great product for pice

  76. Greg (verified owner)

  77. Anonymous (verified owner)

  78. Anonymous (verified owner)

  79. Erik W. (verified owner)

    Was just perfect t for what I need

  80. Nerissa (verified owner)

    Nice fluffy buds, great taste and equally great high. Will definitely purchase again

  81. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This stuff doesn’t look that good it’s pretty fluffy with alot of shake and it doesn’t taste the best

  82. Roger (verified owner)

  83. Anonymous (verified owner)

  84. Shayne (verified owner)

    Its more like a 4.5 .good smell good feel .nice price. Nice high.

  85. Keagon R. (verified owner)

    Insanely good price’s can’t go wrong Kush is much better too compared to the stuff I used to buy from green society.

  86. Chris (verified owner)

  87. Shannon L. (verified owner)

    One of my fave strains and this batch does not disappoint. Energizing, mood enhancing cererebral high.

  88. Coachether (verified owner)

    Not my favorite. A little fluffy but always at a good price. Much thanks BB

  89. Eric Roy (verified owner)

  90. Alberto Q. (verified owner)

  91. Fin (verified owner)

    After smoking it a rereview this strain. Its a 3.75.
    Not a great buzz. But i think its the strain .just dont like Trainwreck.

  92. Jess (verified owner)

  93. Darren (verified owner)

  94. Kevin August (verified owner)

  95. Tom GEROW (verified owner)

    I remember it being better last I tried it

  96. Anonymous (verified owner)

  97. Peter (verified owner)

    Mellow buzz and great taste!!

  98. Jason R. (verified owner)

    Fire 🔥

  99. Anonymous (verified owner)

  100. Michel (verified owner)

    Not my favourite. Thanks BB

  101. Peter Bergen (verified owner)

    Pretty good stuff coming from an indicia guy,my girl is a sativa fan and I tried some of this with hot knifes and it got me a pretty good high

  102. Kassandra Coulson (verified owner)

  103. Darryl (verified owner)


  104. Jay64

    Mediocre. Doesn’t have that initial intense cerebral punch, moreso creeps into mellow. Flavor profile I doninantly spice, similar to Acapulco.

  105. Zakaria H. (verified owner)

  106. Genest K. (verified owner)

  107. Darren (verified owner)

  108. Ryan Decker (verified owner)

  109. Robert S. (verified owner)

    Very good for price

  110. Anonymous (verified owner)

  111. Anonymous (verified owner)

  112. RocknRoll (verified owner)


  113. SumGuy (verified owner)

    Decent sativa

  114. Terry (verified owner)

    I have bought lots of times on here and this is by far the worst. Save your dough and pick something else
    I guess you get what you pay for. Smoke 4 blunts to get a buzz. Not a fan. Should call it trainweak

  115. MrNiceGuymf187 (verified owner)

    Was ok good price

  116. buddy514 (verified owner)

    I loved this rustic flavor of this Sativa strain. Very nice buds. Gives a good energy hit as I like it.

  117. Roach 204 (verified owner)

    Nice smell, taste and buzz. 👍

  118. Loki89

    9/10 burn very well

  119. John Hartlin (verified owner)

    Good stuff can’t go wrong for this price

  120. shredder

    very nice

  121. Ryan

    Usually one of my favorites this previous batch was terrible taste like carrots and KS mainly stems!

  122. weedguy710425

    Always good

  123. comatose77

    Busts well

  124. Carine

    Très bonne génétique de choix

  125. Carine

    une super sativa qui a fait du chemin

  126. MBZ (verified owner)

    Well rounded bud, classic weed flavor lol Old schoolers will love this one! Smells like my dads bedroom when I was a kid! Ahh memories!

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