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Are you looking for the best mail order marijuana in Edmonton, Alberta? Bookmark this page and browse through our online marijuana store. Bulk buddy is Canada’s leading online dispensary for your cannabis needs. 

Dubbed as the “Gateway to the North”, Edmonton serves as the capital city of the province of Alberta, Canada. It lies along the North Saskatchewan River and acts as the centre of the conglomeration of municipalities in Alberta. The city is the second-largest metropolitan in the province with over a million population. 

Edmonton plays a significant role in the economic stance of northern and central Alberta. It is the centre for the oil and gas industry, which supplies the entirety of Canada. Because of its well-driven and expanded influence in the said industry, it earned its nickname “Oil Capital of Canada”. Second, only to Saudi Arabia, Edmonton houses one of the massive oil and gas reserves in the world. It is an important industrial hub not just in the Alberta region but to the whole Canadian discretion. 

This metropolitan area is also home to the largest mall in North America — West Edmonton Mall. The mall features major attractions such as the Galaxyland, World Waterpark, Mayfield Toyota Ice Palace, Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf, Wild West Shooting Centre, Themed streets, and even a large replica of the Santa Maria. Sounds massive, isn’t it? It won’t be called the largest for anything! This is the best place to enjoy your day with a lot of options and recreational activities to enjoy!

Edmonton also dominates arts and culture. The city hosts a large number of festivals annually, acquiring its nickname — Canada’s Festival City. Other than this achievement, Edmonton’s tourism has both featured traditional and modern attractions. There are a lot of museums in the city, even housing the largest living museum by area — the famous “Fort Edmonton Park”. One can also enjoy the city’s river valleys and parks, which are preserved for the public’s interest and amusement.

During the winter, several recreational activities are available in Edmonton’s parklands. One can either try cross-country skiing, skating, and even have fun in golf courses. 

If these are not enough to introduce what Edmonton can offer, maybe it’s about time to indulge in the city’s lively and ecstatic nightlife. Who wouldn’t like to groove in the middle of the night with a pipe of cannabis on hand? When you use mail order marijuana, satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Our Online Dispensary, is here to help residents in Edmonton to buy weed online easily. Our products are not the typical types of weeds you see and hear about. As a premium online dispensary from the West Coast of Canada, we share access to the amazing local craft cannabis of Edmonton with the rest of the country.

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