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1g Blue Guava HTFSE Sauce | High Voltage Extracts


Colour: Yellow
Flavour: Sweet/ Earthy / Fruity / Tropical
Medical Usage: Pain / Anxiety / Depression / Appetite Loss / Stress
THC: 71-80% CBD: 1-4%
Terpenes: 21-26%

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1g Blue Guava HTFSE Sauce From High Voltage Extracts At Bulk Buddy Curated Dispensary

Blue Guava Sauce is a dreamy 50/50 hybrid strain, with an average THC level of up to 21% The genetic makeup is a cross between the two outstanding hybrid strains of Guava Kush and Blue Dream. This strain is almost exclusively found in British Columbia and not to be missed.  Blue Guava HTFSE Sauce is an up-and-coming Hybrid strain developed to offer both a body and mind high. Bulk Buddy’s Blue Guava strongly displays its parentage, of Guava Kush and Blue Dream, in the effects it produces. It produces a creative and euphoric high, while also allowing the body to relax and tingle.

The aroma is fruity, sweet, and tropical with a touch of earthiness with a similar taste when smoked. The buds are fluffy, moderately dense, sparkling with THC crystals and covered with amber-hued trichomes.

We have two words for this strain: cerebral & chill. Blue Guava will give users a nice mix of physical and mental effects, including an overall feeling of complete relaxation. This is a great go-to strain for stress, anxiety, insomnia, and moderate pain relief. However, it can also induce creativity and sociability, making it an ideal strain whether used in the evening to wind down or hanging out with friends. Though it won’t induce any couch lock, after a while and in high amounts it may make users sleepy and provide a great night’s sleep, especially for those suffering from anxiety, depression or stress-related conditions.

With low CBD, Blue Guava is not for serious medical conditions such as seizures, cancer, and central nervous disorders. It is good for mild and moderate conditions such as stress and insomnia, however, some moderate pain relief can be found. This strain has a reputation for being able to treat disorders that are more mental in origins such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

High Voltage Extracts Cakes HTFSE Sauce is made from Cannabis flowers grown on Vancouver Island with a small group of individuals who are responsible for extractions, packaging and distribution. They are involved in every step in the path to providing you with unique, high-quality live resins, sauces and cartridges; all made from a live, fresh cannabis flower.

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract from High Voltage Extracts in BC are some of the highest-end premium cannabis extraction available on the market. HTFSE 95% THC is the preservation of all available terpenes maintained from harvest to vaporization, High-terpene full spectrum extract (HTFSE) is a highly refined concentrate that captures the pure terpene essence of the cannabis flower. Typically, Full Spectrum Terp Sauce will contain about 50% Cannabinoids, 20-30% Terpenes, and 20-30% other trichrome cannabis biomolecules.

High Voltage Extracts HTFSE Sauce sets the golden standard for what the perfectly dab-able concentrates should be like. HVE is a local BC-based cannabis extraction company that specializes in premium, high-end and craft cannabis extractions and concentrates. Their HTFSE Sauce is made using their proprietary method which encapsulates all the available unique terpenes, cannabinoids and essential essence of the phenotype-specific strains they extract. This results in the creation of a highly concentrated and refined product that combines complex terpenes and cannabinoid molecules that deliver a more intense cerebral and psychoactive experience.

HTFSE (also known as High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts) are highly concentrated forms of THC that have a strong flavour profile based on the terpenes that exist in these extractions. The components that make HTFSE harmonize together to create a sensory overload. 91 Supreme’s High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts are initially created from humble beginnings as de-waxed BHO or Butane Hash Oil. After an extraction process, THCa content is separated from terpenes and other compounds, which eventually isolates into a crystalline form of THCa, or almost virtually 100% pure THC-a. As THC-a crystals or boulders are isolated from other cannabinoids, terpenes are also being separated at room temperature. After this process of molecular separation, both compounds are merged again to create a mouth-watering, flavourful and profoundly aromatic extract.

3 reviews for 1g Blue Guava HTFSE Sauce | High Voltage Extracts


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  1. Jerm OG

    Taste and smell is great

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good high

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

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