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AAA Shake/Trim (Black Diamond)



** Warning Disclaimer **

It will contain stems, leaves and/or small amounts of perlite/styrofoam. 

Hand & Machine trimmed Medicinal AAA Grade Shake/Trim. Consumers frequently use shake/trim for cooking concentrates, edibles sifting for kief, concentrates, perhaps even smoke. and everything else!

I highly recommend purchasing small amounts(ounce) first to see if suitable for your requirements.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Black Diamond Indica Dominant Hybrid Premium Cannabis Shake Strain now available at Bulk Buddy’s Curated Online Dispensary in Canada.

Black Diamond Premium Cannabis Shake is a Northern California strain ideal for patients who need strong medication but still want to be active and sociable. A cross between Blackberry and Diamond OG, its flowers have a glittery trichome covering and purple colouring that makes it a beautiful gem to look at. The strain’s aroma is musky and earthy, almost like a deep red wine. Black Diamond Cannabis Trim is known to cause fits of giggles and is a great strain for hanging out with friends or catching up on TV shows at home. This strain tends to make consumers extremely hungry, making it a good choice for those looking to increase their appetite (just make sure you have some snacks on hand).

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28 Grams, 112 Grams, 224 Grams, Pound, 2 Pounds

56 reviews for AAA Shake/Trim (Black Diamond)


Average of 56 reviews

  1. Vanessa (verified owner)

  2. Joseph L. (verified owner)

    Perfect for making edibles or Bubble hash. At this price point you can beat the value… I wouldn’t recommend buying this product for smoking as it does contain some stems and leafy bits.

  3. Rhonda (verified owner)

    The butter I made with this is amazing.

  4. Raymond (verified owner)


  5. Alushii R. (verified owner)

  6. Janice F. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Fast shipping

  7. Marilyn (verified owner)

    Made a topical rub for my arthritis pain making some oil capsules for pain as well with it and is also nice to smoke.

  8. Chad Day (verified owner)

  9. Bruce Cromwell (verified owner)

    quite delicious. haven’t rolled joints in years but the compo papers inspired me. Relaxed but not couch locked. Cooking up some coconut oil/ BodyBudder as we speak.

  10. Scott Penney (verified owner)


  11. Cassandra W. (verified owner)

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Donald (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The price is right for 4 ounces of shake if you are a regular joint smoker. Burns a little faster than in bud form but all in all, its a great deal for the price.

  15. Joseph S. (verified owner)

    Couldn’t have gone better top notch service, keep it up BB 😀

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I buy shake off of other sites and I’ve noticed the Shake sold here is a bit too leafy, but that kind of is what shake is. I would definitely recommend buying a 100oz over this. But if not buy shake from another site

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

  18. Stephen (verified owner)

    this is good shake, some leaf and stem but nothing crazy, good buy for the cash

  19. Nicholas (verified owner)

    more leafy than the other times ive ordered shake on here

  20. gameprogirl (verified owner)

    Pretty good shake. Worth the price, even decent to smoke if you need to.

  21. Steve Titterton (verified owner)

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Definitely buying again

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

  24. LUKE L. (verified owner)

  25. greg b. (verified owner)

    great for the price! great company to deal with!!

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

  27. Saman M. (verified owner)

    I still haven’t received my delivery

  28. Josefino Herrera (verified owner)

    Not good

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

  30. Joseph (verified owner)

    Great for the cakes and cookies ..

  31. greg b. (verified owner)

    as always great product and great price. this is a great company to work with!

  32. Heather (verified owner)

  33. Charles Oulton (verified owner)

    better than expected keep the good work thanks

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

  35. Daniel (verified owner)

    bomb trim as usual

  36. Paul B. (verified owner)

    Really fast delivery, haven’t had a chance to try infusing it yet, but will keep you updated

  37. David Hiscock (verified owner)

  38. Carine (verified owner)

    vraiment heureuse d’avoir eu50 grammes de cocottes au travers cette super shake

  39. Carine (verified owner)

    je le recommande très intéressant

  40. Carine (verified owner)

    je le recommande très intéressant bon goût

  41. seb_tremblay (verified owner)


  42. Amy divine


  43. centvin


  44. Magneto

    Good formsomething

  45. Carine (verified owner)

    Très bonne souche

  46. Melo6kle

    Pretty good

  47. Newfie1982

    Awesome stuff

  48. newfie1982

    Great prices, amazing selection, can’t beat bulk buddy!

  49. Jeff in the Flesh

    I got the flower as a mystery bag and it’s not bad. was very dry though

  50. Melo6kle

    ideal for cooking!!

  51. happiness is weed and coffee

    Awesome shake

  52. SMVolta (verified owner)

    I wasn’t a fan of the taste on this one, but it gets you to higher places

  53. Kush420

    potent strain

  54. Newfie1982

    Great product

  55. Maggienmileysmom

    Amazing selection

  56. jakethesnakeroberts

    Love this stuff!

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