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AAA+ Shake/Trim (Death Bubba)



** Warning Disclaimer **

Will contain stems, leaves and/or small amounts of perlite. May Have bits of kief in this shake.
Hand & Machine trimmed Medicinal AAA+ Grade Shake/Trim. Consumers frequently use shake/trim for cooking concentrates, edibles sifting for kief, concentrates, perhaps even smoke. and everything else!

I highly recommend purchasing small amounts(ounce) first to see if suitable for your requirements.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Premium Death Bubba Indica Dominant Hybrid Cannabis Trim/Shake From Bulk Buddy’s Curated Online Dispensary in Canada.

Get the medical benefits while savouring the amazing high that you can only get from premium Death Bubba Cannabis Shake. Containing extremely high THC and CBD levels, this strain is one of the best weeds you’ll ever smoke. In fact, it’s part of our Super Killz collection, a line of extremely potent weed that delivers distinctive highs. They’re even more potent than our famed Top Shelf strains.

It has become widely popular since it was created in Vancouver in 2012. If you’re a newbie, prepare yourself for an intense trip. Recreational users say it’s one of the best body stones they’ve experienced.

The effect starts as a spaced-out, psychoactive head rush. After an hour, you’ll enter a state of supreme relaxation and tune out from other people. Once the high wears off, sleep will blanket you, and you’ll fall into a seemingly unwakeable state — this is where Premium Death Bubba Cannabis Shake got its name. Because of its effects, it’s perfect for nighttime use, unless you plan on spending the day on your couch.

Enjoy an aroma and flavour that’s a lovely mix of piney, earthy and lemony with musky, spicy and floral notes.

Not only will Premium Death Bubba Cannabis Shake relax you, but it will also help alleviate your stress, tremors, depression, muscle spasms and alcohol withdrawal. In fact, Premium Death Bubba Cannabis Shake is an excellent medical marijuana strain for people who have trouble sleeping and chronic pain.


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28 Grams, Quarter Pound, Half Pound, Pound, 2 Pounds

137 reviews for AAA+ Shake/Trim (Death Bubba)


Average of 137 reviews

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great shake terrific for making eatables will definitely buy again

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well done 👍

  3. Scott Penney (verified owner)

    Never any complaints about bulk buddy

  4. Ben (verified owner)

    Very good for edibles

  5. Frank L. (verified owner)

    Lots of bud, few seed but not concerned with that. Great shake

  6. James M. (verified owner)

  7. Sylvain M. (verified owner)

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    made oil or so i thought , it leaves an ash though it went though several coffee filters but it does the trick in a pinch

  9. Omar A. (verified owner)

    Nice does the trick

  10. Kevin F. (verified owner)

  11. Sylvain Masson (verified owner)

  12. Jennifer (verified owner)

    You guys are AMAZING – thank you SO very much!

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Should be good for edibles, cant beat the price!

  15. Andrea (verified owner)

    Once again, excellent product, quick shipping and great communication!

  16. Logan (verified owner)

  17. SHELDON C. (verified owner)

    I smoked a bit of this too. Whee.

  18. Brent R. (verified owner)

  19. corrina p. (verified owner)

  20. James B. (verified owner)

    Wasn’t very many buds due to being dry and vacuum sealed for delivery but if need be could pick little buds or just smoke it. But for concentrates it’s bang for buck. Had read a few comments on this product and was hoping to acquire a few seeds but unfortunately I haven’t notice any yet😒 5/5

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am happy with my purchases as always! . Very good value for money. Perfect for relaxation! I highly recommend!

  23. Shawn K. (verified owner)

    Basic trim, should be ok for my use.

  24. Marcel Gagnon (verified owner)

    Good cheap weed at a good cheap price

  25. markie

    Excellent value, awesome to cook with. Thanks BB

  26. Emilie J. (verified owner)

    Great product! Fast shipping! Buying again this week 😁

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I was very happy with my shake, good quality and quick friendly service. It arrived before scheduled delivery date so that was a bonus. Rso is going to be great

  28. Omar (verified owner)

    Little bit greener than the previuos one, this batch doesnt contain any Keif.
    1st time diappointmemt with BB batch, oh well there is a first time for everything

  29. Anna Pascal (verified owner)

    We are pleased with the ordering and the product .

  30. Jamie (verified owner)

    tried your premium shake before hand and was very impressed, this however was very disapointing, litttle to no kief and trim was all crushed into a fine powder.

  31. Katrina P. (verified owner)

  32. Shawn K. (verified owner)

  33. Aaron (verified owner)

    Probably won’t work too well for shatter edibles for sure. Maybe when it was fresh, this def has some age on it.

  34. LiaMarie (verified owner)

    Lots of stems but smells awesome. Can’t wait to make gummies with it.

  35. Conway LeCointre (verified owner)

  36. Joe Laursen (verified owner)

    Great stuff came very fast ordered early Monday morning had it on Tuesday . Can do a lot with it smoke it make edibles and topicals

  37. Jennifer (verified owner)

  38. eric_snow

    Great shake

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great shake for price Great to use for butter and Brownies

  40. Chase Earles (verified owner)

    My order came very quickly even during COVID and not only was there extra shake in the bag but the taste of it was fantastic and it’s a very clean smoke! I’ll definitely be ordering again.

  41. Jake (verified owner)

    I was very surprised I am hash oil out of it and got a real good return I will get some more

  42. Jake (verified owner)

    I was very surprised I made hash oil out of it and got a real good return I will get some more

  43. Darren (verified owner)

  44. Kathleen A. (verified owner)

    I think this is my second purchase of Death Bubba. This time the product was a coarser grind but still very fragrant. I ground a little bit up and gave it a whirl – it then gave me a “little whirl” – tee hee. Decent smoke for me to chillax. I’m busy during COVID helping a friend clean and pack for a move. Lots of fun – not. Definitely need something to help me in the evenings after a lot of physical labour in the afternoons. Thank you BB for the herb, hemp papers, lighter and great price. Love the way you seal the package. Canada Post got it here a day earlier than scheduled – bonus. Take care everyone. We will get through this virus nightmare.

  45. mysterious-alex (verified owner)


  46. Alexander Brooks (verified owner)

    This was not Death Bubba…It was a Black strain….It is not what I ordered…

  47. yousef (verified owner)

    extremely happy with the quality of the product, the packaging was top notch and completely smell proof. you can see the trichomes on the leaves, so this is a quality product i’m sure. it could be a budget friendly way to smoke or make edibles (which is what i’m doing with mine). overall i’m quite happy with the purchasing experience that bulk buddy offers. 10/10

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s immaculate and makes me hella happy. Would recommend to anybody who wants to feel euphoric and relaxed

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong with the shake

  50. Clarence (verified owner)

  51. Yves S. (verified owner)

    Thanks fast delivery , first time buyers, look perfect

  52. Laura J. (verified owner)

    Great product

  53. Joshua (verified owner)

    Phenomenal quality for the price. Great THC content and very few stems or seeds. Great for edibles and not bad smoke.

  54. Anonymous (verified owner)

  55. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Sorry but I did get it yet ???? Weird

  56. Lawrence (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my purchase. I’ll be back.

  57. Brent (verified owner)

  58. Kai (verified owner)

    Strong enough to make edibles and smoke. Very enjoyable for the money.

  59. Mari J. (verified owner)

    I’ll give a better review when it actually arrives.. Pretty ticked off but I know it’s covid bullshit making life slow.

  60. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really good quality.

  61. Clarence Moran (verified owner)

    1/4 lb then 1/2 lb within the same month, no pic. One batch was nice hand trimmed and the 1/2 was machine trimmed by the look of it. Extra leafy and papers and a lighter to boot as usual. Thanks bb!

  62. Danine Gullion (verified owner)

    Really disappointed with your shipping since I ordered
    On Monday and did not even get the stiff yet . First time I ordered it was here in 3 days and came on a Saturday has I known I’d be waiting this long I would have ordered elsewhere.

  63. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Price is great. Had more leafs and stems than I would have expected.

  64. Colin G. (verified owner)

    Lots of keif and oil. Plus you can smoke it.

  65. Keith (verified owner)

    Great for making butter// brownies. Very happy

  66. Chase (verified owner)

    This is the second time I’ve ordered from bulk buddy and both times their service has been super quick and their product is fantastic ❤️ thanks so much!!!

  67. Derek Pichette (verified owner)

  68. Michael L. (verified owner)

    I ordered a pound of weed and I got a half pound with about 1/3 of it being filler like wood chips and wrappers even! It is super harsh because of the filler. The small amount of weed I did receive is quality. Of the pound ordered I only got about 1/4 of a pound of it though.

  69. Anonymous (verified owner)

  70. Shannon (verified owner)

    The taste isn’t great, but it does the job.

  71. Ger (verified owner)

    Wasn’t too bad considering it was shake I need some oil on mine the return was pretty good

  72. Brandon B. (verified owner)

    I loved it

  73. Heather R. (verified owner)

  74. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Decent for edibles

  75. KATHLEEN (verified owner)

    Great shake worth the price will order again

  76. Josie (verified owner)

    couldn’t believe how good it smoked for being shake . awesome shake for an even better price

  77. Anonymous (verified owner)

  78. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great value!! Mainly used for rolling joints

  79. Justin (verified owner)

  80. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome for edibles !!! Make your own potent MJ butter . You can even add this too your joints , or burn them as is . It burns white ash 💎

  81. Justin (verified owner)

  82. Sylvain Masson (verified owner)

  83. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it for the price.

  84. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice and fresh and beautiful taste

  85. Quiffbomb (verified owner)

    Little to no Peralite pieces.
    Lots of keif!
    Some of it is ground into a powder too fine making it difficult to make budder but I managed! The high was chill and taste/smell isn’t too strong.
    *Wish they would start posting the THC percentage*

  86. Lynn (verified owner)

    This stuff is awesome and fast delivery.I have a buddy that wants one now

  87. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Theres a lot of steams dosent smoke really good idk I wouldn’t say it the best

  88. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Usually my shake comes better packaged, this time there was 1 less layer than usual of vacume sealed bags, also the box was replaced by a bag. Not too mention my weed bag itself had a different label which was scribbled over before writing the correct one. Also a couple small things like the rolling papers an lighter I was used too and the coffee bean to throw off scent was no where to be found.

  89. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast & top quality

  90. jessica (verified owner)


  91. Anonymous (verified owner)

  92. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice trim

  93. greg b. (verified owner)

    great product for the price. this company is great to deal with!

  94. Shawn K. (verified owner)

    Looks good return isnt too great for dabs

  95. Chase Earles (verified owner)

    Incredibly fast shipping even in pandemic times, efficiently packed, and great smoking buds! Always happy to buy from BB.

  96. Chance

    This is my second order from this site. I ordered it on a Friday night and it came not the first week but the next Monday ,which is perfectly fine. For the price it’s awesome and I would even go as far ad saying it’s relatively strong. I been just rolling it up and smoking it and man it hits good. The packaging was very discret and smell proof. And I haven’t seen anything in terms of Styrofoam or what not just weed. There isn’t even much stems I. All an all great product great price.

  97. TiQuick31 (verified owner)

    Super quality for the price, i role alots join with ot and it gives a strong bussz thanks for the fast shipping

  98. Karol-Ann Robert (verified owner)

    Pleasantly surprised d

  99. Quinton Grant-Trottier (verified owner)

    Actually surprised of the quality, was really good for the cost

  100. Majorzod (verified owner)

    Pretty decent shake bag doesn’t smell anything fancy at 1st but starts to get a bit skunky if you already it out…. a LOT of popcorn buds with a few decent sized ones too, got about and oz and half of buds before I got tired of picking them out and after sifting the rest and getting over a oz of kief its already well worth the $65 I paid

  101. Djmaplesyrup

    Great for the price .

  102. Pike (verified owner)

    Great for edibles or hash

  103. shredder

    very good

  104. Mercdogstunna

    Fav strain and order of shake was amazing as well!

  105. Magneto


  106. Weedguy710420


  107. Pike (verified owner)

    Good return on bubble

  108. Dragonjoe (verified owner)

    This stuff was good to go. Just reach in the bag and start rolling. Very sticky trim as it contains about 30% kief.
    Great taste and high. Whadda score!!!!

  109. Dragonjoe (verified owner)

    I just ordered another QP and again I am more than satisfied. Without BB I could not afford to smoke decent weed on my disability income.
    Thanks Bulk Buddy

  110. Loki89

    Does the job to transfirm

  111. Fitz

    My favorite

  112. NJDino (verified owner)

    pretty good shake

  113. goodtimesslim (verified owner)

    LOTS of kief. Going to make some awesome hash with this.
    First, sift it over a dry screen for blond hash. Then take it and fine grind it into a powder, add a bit of hot water, put into heated hash press and voila, you have an expensive brick of Afghan hash you paid nothing for.
    $12 ounce of shake can make a $100+ ounce of hash.

    You can also just smoke shake. It falls off the plant. I have no idea why people think it’s “bad” or won’t get you as high.

    This bag is half full of kief (the crystals, the part with THC that gets you high)

  114. Jason (verified owner)

    I’m pretty sure all the reviews are fake I went off for the reviews and purchase this shake trim And it’s not even shake it’s literally justt leaves put into a blender and grinded down I sifted through it to try and make hash and there were no crystals

  115. Olivier Banville (verified owner)

    Juste bien, rien d’extraordinaire

  116. goodtimesslim (verified owner)

    The Jason poster above me is a tard and weed newb. It’s great dummies want to suck smoke into their mouths and blow it out right away but you’re not a weed god or expert.

    So many fake dunce “stoners” and “smokers” since legalization. Like STFU idiot. Seriously.

    Ur not even smoking it, you suck it in your mouth and blow it out, that’s not smoking weed
    Seen Elon Musk “smoke” weed? That’s a fake ass weed smoker. if you smoke weed like that, LUL ur a newb and not getting high. You’re acting and pretending to be “high” or “stoned”
    Embarrassing if that is you and there is LOTS of “stoners” who “smoke” like that and think they’re weed gods and experts. LOL

  117. weedguy710425

    Good stuff

  118. Olivier Banville (verified owner)

    Beaucoup de petites cocotte dans mon qp

  119. comatose77

    Gonna make some crazy budder

  120. stephipooki


  121. Ballony1 (verified owner)

    Ok amount of kiefe… buzz is ok… still happy

  122. centvin

    really good

  123. Magneto

    I love it

  124. john smith


  125. Ballony1 (verified owner)

    Not as nice as some other cannabis shake at bb are … still cheap at the price point….

  126. Melo6kle

    Amazing for the price!

  127. Newfie1982


  128. newfie1982

    Great prices, can’t beat bulk buddy

  129. James W (verified owner)

    Nice stuff with many popcorn buds

  130. James W (verified owner)

    Was so good I had to buy it again

  131. Lucas Stuart (verified owner)

    decent quality. no nugs in 2 pounds, very fluffy, burns good in bong.

  132. James W (verified owner)

    Not bad

  133. happiness is weed and coffee

    Awesome shake selection!

  134. Newfie1982

    Great prices

  135. SMVolta (verified owner)

    Nice body stoned feeling, but could be stronger for the name, overall still a good strain. I have a high tolerance so it’s definitely good for more casual tokers

  136. Kush420

    great pricing. worth it 👌

  137. Newfie1982

    Killer shake deals!!

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