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Baby Yoda OG



Bud Size: Some Smalls – Medium – Large
Ratings: (AAA+ – AAAA-)
Texture: Semi-Dense & Perfect Cure/Semi-Sticky – Hints of 🟣Purple🟣
Flavour: Citrus / Earthy / Floral / Peppery / Pungent / Sour / Spicy / Woody
Medical Usage: Anxiety / Appetite / Depression / Headaches / Inflammation / Muscle Spasms / Pain / Stress
THC: 21 – 27% CBD: >1%
Grown By: Prise Points
Batch: May 28, 2022

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Baby Yoda OG AAA+ – AAAA- Indica Dominant Hybrid Weed Strain from Bulk Buddy’s Curated Online Dispensary From Canada.

Yoda OG, often known as “Yoda,” “Yoda Kush” or “Yoda OG Kush,” is an indica dominant strain (80% indica/20% sativa) that was developed as a descendant of the notorious OG Kush variety.

Named for the iconic Star Wars character Yoda, Yoda OG is a high potency with THC percentages of 18 – 26%. Baby Yoda OG has large, dense buds that are olive green in colour and covered in trichomes.

The aroma of Baby Yoda is earthy with notes of pine and lemon. The flavour is similar, with an earthy taste that is accented by

The high begins with a mild creep, insinuating itself into your mind before lifting your spirits to new heights of euphoria. As your spirit soars, your body will succumb to a strong tingly physical high that will instantly lock you to the couch and provide profound pain relief as well as make you sedated.

This indica flower has a fruity sour pine flavour with undertones of pungent earth. Baby Yoda’s buds have dense round olive green nuggets with fiery orange hairs and a sheen of icy white trichomes.

Baby Yoda cannabis strain is perfect for treating conditions such as depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and muscle spasms or tremors. Baby Yoda OG has the ability to knock out pain while simultaneously providing a happy mental state. The aroma of Baby Yoda is of earthy pine with a touch of sour

This ideal strain is an easy-to-grow plant and does well both indoors and outdoors. This is why the cannabis community likes to grow this strain. Also, It has a flowering time of around eight weeks and can produce high yields.

If you are growing Baby Yoda indoors, you can expect a yield of around 16 ounces per square meter. If you are growing Baby Yoda outdoors, you can expect a yield of around 18 ounces per plant. Baby Yoda is a great choice for beginner growers.

The Baby Yoda strain has a few potential side effects including dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, anxiety and paranoia. It is important to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated when consuming this strain. Baby Yoda OG is a great choice for any time of day or night.

Whether you are looking for eliminating stress, relief from pain or just want to relax and unwind, Baby Yoda will not disappoint.

The indica cannabis strain scent is woody and flowery with a crisp zap of sour citrus and a punch of hefty pungency that grows as the buds are consumed away. Yoda OG nuggets have light green grape-shaped minty green hairs that are thin and covered in tiny, golden-white crystal trichomes.

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9 reviews for Baby Yoda OG


Average of 9 reviews

  1. Wayne

    I’m sure it’s fire but no qp option 🙁

  2. Haley Mulrooney (verified owner)

    I love this strain the buds are perfect the buzz is amazing I will definitely be buying more of this 🙂

  3. Dog Mom (verified owner)

    Killer! 🔥 (This review is from a May 27 order)

  4. Aro Man (verified owner)

    pretty good! a bit dry here -1 (discounted end of previous batch, great price though!) but aside of that…
    pleasantly surprised, nice flowery ‘force’ful sedative and seductive gas… solid knight helmet

  5. gazzer (verified owner)

    Oh Yeah!!! The force is with me!

  6. Skyone00 (verified owner)

    BOMB. 10/10

  7. Ann (verified owner)

    I order this on June 5th I just got a notice on my tracking number saying that it can’t be delivered to my location and saying that they will let know when and where to pick it this not cool I spent over 200$ on this package can I have my money back then take your package back ?

  8. Connor Spriggs (verified owner)

    Great bud, great taste
    They never disappoint

  9. Skyone00 (verified owner)

    Still one of the best weed i got there. I buy craft that is not comparable of this. was 3A and better then some craft i got recently. hare you gonna make new batch soon ?

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