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Blue Cheese


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Bud Size: Small – Medium – Large
Texture: Semi-Fluffy & Perfect Cure – Hints of ♌Purple
Flavour: Blueberry / Cheese / Earthy / Pungent / Sweet / Woody
Medical Usage: ADD / Arthiritis / Bipolar Disorder / Depression / Insomnia / Nausea / Pain / Stress
THC: 15 – 24% CBD: >1%
Batch: May 8, 2022

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Blue Cheese Indica Dominant Hybrid Cannabis Strain from Bulk Buddy’s Curated Online Dispensary From Canada.

Blue Cheese is a classic indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a memorable taste alongside a balanced high. Its distinctive name has more to do with its genetic lineage, a cross between the popular Blueberry and the UK-native strain Cheese, than its taste, which is surprisingly fruity.

The Blue Cheese name has more to do with its lineage than taste. Blue Cheese achieves its potency with an average THC composition of about 15% to 25%.

Breeder Big Buddha Seeds, who perfected a phenotype of parent strain Cheese, is credited with introducing one variety of Blue Cheese to the cannabis market. The Netherlands-based operations Barney’s Farm and Royal Queen Seeds also produce and sell seeds for a distinct Blue Cheese variety.

Cured buds of Blue Cheese are large and have a very dense bud structure. The tightly-packed leaves are light to medium green and are threaded through with copper-coloured hairs (which are pollen-collecting pistils). This is a very resinous strain, and flowers are correspondingly covered in sticky white trichomes.

When fresh, Blue Cheese buds are difficult to break up by hand and typically require the use of a grinder. This strain has “bag appeal” in the form of its pungent aroma, flowers primarily have a fruity, berry smell, inherited from parent strain Blueberry. Rounding out this sweetness is a tangy hint of cheese, which some have compared to musk or even rotten vegetables.

When flowers are combusted, the smoke is thick and lung-expanding and can induce some serious coughing for users who take a big enough hit. Once smokers get past this eye-watering, palate-tickling pungency, they’ll notice an entirely fruity blueberry taste on the exhales, absent of cheesy funk. However, this strain can leave a musty, hash-like aftertaste that lingers in the mouth long after the smoke has been exhaled.

The high from this strain can creep up slowly — without the initial headrush that’s associated with many cerebral Sativa strains, this indica will gradually bring on a sense of physical relaxation and an altered way of thinking that may catch smokers by surprise. This mellow indica vibe is excellent for restfulness and de-stressing, but it won’t necessarily lead to incapacitating couchlock — although couchlock is a possibility with larger and larger doses.

Blue Cheese’s physical effects make it a good means of relief from minor aches and pains, as well as an aid to counteract insomnia. On the Sativa side, Blue Cheese confers a mildly euphoric high that won’t leave users trapped in a cerebral loop of recursive thinking. As such, it’s a great option for treating anxiety, depression, and even some symptoms associated with PTSD. Its clearheaded and focused high is also beneficial for those with attention deficit disorders. Blue Cheese can also be a strong appetite stimulant, for better or worse. Less desirable effects may include dizziness and some paranoia if Blue Cheese is consumed in large enough doses. This strain is optimal for enjoyment from early evening to night time, as a way to unwind after the workday or as an after-dinner treat.

Blue Cheese is a relatively easy strain to grow. Seeds are available from the aforementioned breeders; prospective growers can also obtain healthy clippings from mature plants to grow “clones.” The strain can be grown outdoors, but like most varieties of cannabis, requires a consistent source of sunlight and a constant temperature of between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Indoor cultivation may be a more appealing option, as plants have a characteristically bushy indica shape, with strong horizontal branches.

Blue Cheese has a high leaf-to-bud ratio, meaning that growers should trim the broad fan leaves that grow at the top of the plant to allow light to reach flowering nodes on the lower branches. This strain flowers within 8 to 10 weeks indoors and is ready for harvest by late September when grown outdoors. It is a heavy yielder, with large flowers clustered around the terminal cola as well as the lateral branches; growers can expect about 500 to 600 grams (or about 1 to 1.3 pounds) per square meter of the plant.

As noted, Blue Cheese is also famously pungent, so if discretion is a primary concern, growers should isolate outdoor plants and invest in odour control measures for indoor plants like carbon filters.

More common on the West Coast than in other areas of the U.S., Blue Cheese is a pleasantly balanced strain that achieves equally potent effects on the body and mind. It’s well-suited to mindless post-work or weekend unwinding, as well as to tasks or errands that have to be performed during the day. The sense of uplift makes it a popular option for social gatherings as well. With such qualities to recommend, Blue Cheese is unlikely to be as polarizing as its dairy counterpart. Don’t be fooled, though — this is one strain of cannabis whose smell is unlikely to fly under the radar.


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 1/2 Ounce, 1 Ounce, Quarter Pound, Half Pound, Pound

26 reviews for Blue Cheese

  1. Seonghoon (verified owner)

    Picked up a pound couple days ago. Looks very nice. Smells very cheesy. Smoking and flavor is nice. Everything was good but potency. Veeeery weak buzz. Smoked 3 big joints to get some buzz.

    Verdict- Eh… would pick up something more potent.

  2. Dylan Benner (verified owner)

  3. Seonghoon Park (verified owner)

    Smells nice and good bag appeal. The potency is very weak tho

  4. molson11 (verified owner)

    Very leafy but it’s a good puff

  5. Russ Stevens (verified owner)

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good weed. Trim was very leafy

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

  10. Budster (verified owner)

    Nice stuff good sized buds nice cheesy smell trim could be better other than that good stuff for a good price

  11. Jennifer R. (verified owner)

    Very impressed! 🙂

  12. William Juras (verified owner)

    Loved it

  13. Mick Lepage (verified owner)

  14. Felix-Etienne Coco (verified owner)

  15. Dillon Deyoung (verified owner)

    love it!

  16. Kyle (verified owner)

    Very cheesy smell love the bud not to dry not to moist it’s a perfect smoke

  17. Lyle (verified owner)

    Really solid nugs like rock hard . The flush tho was not long enough ,to bad . Good I only got an ounce of this.

  18. Paul (verified owner)

    Dank cheese

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

  20. Steven (verified owner)

    Excellent product!

  21. Alexandre Trépanier (verified owner)

  22. Ludovic Gallant bouchard (verified owner)

    Wonderful I give 4.5 /5 cause too many scrappy bud and pop corn small if you got more bud I’ve buy 2 ozs got few bud for half bag rest was only shake but ok good strain I may buy a lot of this anyway hoping next time I will get only buds that I may got then next time more juicy medium.nuggs beware no large !!!! At all don’t tail spin my weed I’m satan

  23. M Mouse

    They have a Blueberry Cheese, I wonder what this one tastes like in comparison? Does Anyone know?

  24. buddy514 (verified owner)

    A good strain. The buds and the smoke is perfect. Don’t cough too much. There is a cheesey smell, you can’t be mistaken. Still not too much, a nice product. I order again

  25. Ganja king

    Had blue cheese before but excited to get this stuff see if it’s the same or better

  26. Ganja king (verified owner)

    Let’s start this off my saying FIRE 🔥 green right here this is honestly the best blue cheese strain I have ever smelled in my life has that dank scent with a hint of cheese looks are on point aswell

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