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Caviar Pink Kush



Bud Size: Small – Medium – Large
Texture: Semi-Dense & Perfect Cure
Flavour: Berry / Candy / Earthy / Floral / Pine / Pungent / Sweet / Vanilla
Medical Usage: ADD / Appetite / Depression / Fatigue / Migraines / Nausea / Pain / Stress
THC: 24 – 31% CBD: >1%
Batch: May 18, 2024


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Caviar Pink Kush Indica Dominant Hybrid Marijuana Strain is Now available at Bulk Buddy’s Curated Premium Online Dispensary in Canada.

Caviar Pink Kush is a stellar variant of the infamous BC-born and bred Pink Kush. A relative of OG Kush, Caviar Pink Kush is a pure indica phenotype and one of the strongest cuts of Pink Kush available in Canada. Many connoisseurs will cherish this strain for its’ heavy-hitting body high and cheery, uplifting effects. Making it quite a formidable smoke and one that isn’t recommended for beginners or novice users.

This force of nature combines the freight-truck hitting intensity of a well-grown Pink Kush and combines it with notes of robust diesel-like gas, pure dankness, hints of pine and a subtly creamy, almost vanilla-like sweetness to create a truly unique terpene profile that is similar to Pink Kush but also so much better!

Although grow times for this dank strain can take up to 11 weeks, its’ always worth it from a consumer’s perspective when it comes to craft-grown, top-shelf collection weed like this.

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3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 1/4 Ounce, 1/2 Ounce, 1 Ounce, Quarter Pound, Half Pound, Pound

110 reviews for Caviar Pink Kush


Average of 110 reviews

  1. Doram Dascaloff (verified owner)

    Definitely a Pink Kush. This is not for rookies, couch lock activated. Stanky and Danky dense nugz.

  2. Jessica Williams (verified owner)

    Good quality

  3. Bigfacts (verified owner)


  4. Anonymous

    Instantly melted into the couch, flawless quality, strong as hell. Great for insomnia.

  5. borderG (verified owner)

    Sweet kushy pinkness. Excellent trim and perfect cure.

  6. Emi (verified owner)

    C’est vraiment pas pour les amateurs.
    Gros hit après quelques puff.
    Le high dure longtemps et le weed est vraiment goûteux.
    Excellent weed.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Smell is crazy. Bud looks like pictures. Fire.

  8. Magneto


  9. Weedguy710420


  10. Freedom55 (verified owner)

    Very nice

  11. M (verified owner)

    Same taste but buds were more dense last batch.
    Decent high but not impressed as the last time ive got some.

  12. christopher pierre (verified owner)

    Just by the name you know it’s exotic very good loud BB best site I’ve never seen

  13. Greg C (verified owner)

    good pink

  14. Sami B. (verified owner)

    I’m yet to try a batch of this fine lady and not love everything about her! 🔥 ⛽️ 🔥

  15. josh7873 (verified owner)

    Really good .

  16. Lay-z (verified owner)

    A bit darker than i anticipated and not as heavy of an indica as i hoped but heavy hybrid high instead. All and all, satisfied with what i received

  17. Skyone00 (verified owner)

    Pink kush. Rien d’autre a dire 10/10

  18. ccj (verified owner)

    Nice size buds. Easy to roll. Nice flavour & smell. Good for evenings… great service!

  19. Chopper

    Like a chicken sandwhich

  20. SmokinJ (verified owner)

    Taste 4
    High 5
    Nose 4

  21. Douglas Heathcote (verified owner)

    Nice pink nose. Incredible body stone. Clean burn. Nice batch

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    5/5. Quad pink.

  23. Joint roller 420 (verified owner)

    Good smoking pink

  24. Loki89

    Smell weird but tast correct and nice hrad buzz

  25. Fitz

    Super buzz

  26. Peteyfrom6ix (verified owner)

    Nice and decent potency and smell. I would buy again.

  27. TheGreenBuddy (verified owner)

    The high you’ve been searching for🦄💨💨

  28. Cheryl hopper (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. I love it. Will order this again for sure.

  29. Meshach Reynolds (verified owner)

    Some real FIRE Pink

  30. JohnnyB420 (verified owner)

    NoooooOoOoOoOooooo. 😔😥 I wanted some and im too late.. yall snatched it up on me already lol snooze ya lose eh, 5stars anyway 👍

  31. Chopper

    1 in the stink 2 in the pink

  32. LAURA0075 (verified owner)

    This review is from the batch before this one (it’s was pretty decent)

  33. M (verified owner)

    This batch is really good this time.
    Not fluffy and dry as the last one.

    Very very happy!

  34. Teresa Andrews (verified owner)

    Tight & sticky and smells and smokes like kush

  35. Greg C (verified owner)

    Great pink strain!

  36. Bigfacts (verified owner)

    Increasingly worst weed from this site

  37. Emilie Lavigne (verified owner)

    Too fresh too smoke yet but stil incredibly good.

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    5/5. Same as last time. Consistent Pink strain. Excellent.

  39. shredder


  40. BulkBuddy555

    Pinky kushy

  41. Marty Durock (verified owner)

    Very good high love it in a bong

  42. Alexandru Manole (verified owner)

    nice taste and strain

  43. KingGypsy86

    Wooooow! Got this in my 420 gift will be ordering this forsureee!!!

  44. Jordan Gall (verified owner)

    Second best strain we have ordered. Great smell, taste and buzz. Definitely recommend

  45. TreyD (verified owner)

    can’t go wrong with this strain if you’re looking for pink Kush. nice buds, even nicer smell

  46. Jordan Gall (verified owner)

    Nice smoke, tastes good, looks good. Great for pain 4.5 * good pick

  47. weedguy710425


  48. Rebecca Henderson (verified owner)

    Awesome weed. Great buzz!!

  49. hipooki

    so nice

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    5/5. One of my all time top favourites. This strain is always consistent from BB.

  51. Anonymous (verified owner)

    5/5. Amazing.

  52. Emilie Lavigne (verified owner)

    The last bach was better but this one is all good.

  53. Emilie Lavigne (verified owner)

    Beautiful nugs as always.
    Smell good and taste a lil bit less than the batch from march or april.


    Always have a good time.smoking that one.

  54. JohnnyB420 (verified owner)

    Soo glad this is still here.. tried a few craft pinks and have been mixin this in with them just to get them to burn. The caviar NEVER lets me down ❤ 🔥

  55. Emilie Lavigne (verified owner)

    Sérieusement le caviar était parfait quand ils en sortaient pas à tout les mois.
    La constance n’est pas là niveau buzz.
    Les batch à 121 et 127 avaient un hyper gros buzz versus ce qu’ils nous sortent à 110 l’once.

    Malheureusement ce strain est pt devenu trop populaire auprès des fumeurs ici. Ahah

    Overall, ça reste un méchant bon weed.

  56. Jeff in the Flesh

    Buddy of mine got this and passed me some, straight 🔥🔥. In my cart 👌

  57. Anonymous (verified owner)

    5/5. Ordered multiple times. Always great.

  58. Rebecca Henderson (verified owner)

    I’ve had this before and this batch (may) wasn’t quite as good as last batch. I got a few seeds in my oz, but definitely does the trick

  59. Pholeevier Vanbeel


  60. JohnnyB420 (verified owner)

    Whats a guy gota do to get a bigger box around here?? Doesnt matter whether i get 8 ozs or 16, yall vaccum seal the ffff out of it and crammm it into a tiny ass box and ruin all the weed. I wish there was a way to fix this! Makes me wana buy less. Like no more than 10 ozs so my weed doesnt get abused like that. So dumb i dont understand whos idea it is to do this stuff but cmon ppl, smarten up!!

  61. comatose77

    Lasts for a while where it’s so potent!

  62. JohnnyB420 (verified owner)

    Nothing was overvaccumsealed this time 😁, that was nice! its good looks exactly like the pics. but this batch is much different than the previous few batches. smells/tastes different, more ‘zesty?’ than kushy. high seems to be on par so far tho!

  63. Carine

    Très bonne variété à découvrir

  64. Brutus (verified owner)

    JohnnyB is right on.
    Personally prefer the more “Kushy” genetics, but it’s still a hit.
    Simply nice bud…in a good way!

  65. comatose77

    can’t go wrong with any of the pink strains on here really

  66. Pholeevier Vanbeel

    Tres belle chose mon gars

  67. Pholeevier Vanbeel


  68. Pholeevier Vanbeel


  69. Maxq60 (verified owner)

    Super nice and sticky, a bit more sweet than kushy but it is a hit!

  70. fred453

    good one

  71. JohnnyB420 (verified owner)

    you guys are using the LA Wifi pic as the 3rd picture for this.. just incase you didn’t notice.. but the caviar is ALWAYS fire so im getting some anyways 🙂

  72. Buddagal (verified owner)

    Love the pink profiles on this one
    Great smoke
    Some good gas
    Will order again

  73. Em (verified owner)

    batch from september 6 is definitly more kush than sweet.

  74. comatose77

    fire like always

  75. Jeff in the Flesh (verified owner)

    this is excellent in every way. 10/10 all day buzz. great for night time but can also manage as a daytime buzz.

  76. centvin

    tres bien

  77. Giggidy

    Damn good strain

  78. Kortny Merilees (verified owner)

    Great taste, great smell, looks are ok(smaller buds). First time trying this strain and loved it!

  79. Line Guy-perreault (verified owner)


  80. Dan rhoades

    This is strong !

  81. 420 (verified owner)

    Looks exactly like picture. Nice size buds smells yummy.

  82. comatose77

    quite exquisite I have to say

  83. Theo

    WoW this is wild

  84. JohnnyB420 (verified owner)

    absolute gasss like always, this one may just be my favourite batch yet. staaackin up on this one! glad there’s lots!

  85. A smokes (verified owner)

    Loves it.

  86. Aug (verified owner)


  87. JohnnyB420 (verified owner)

    😁 there we gooo.. this is what im talkin about. lil hiccup in my last order but this is the right stuff right here. fiire as always! thanks for keepin this one in stock always, perfect for my epilepsy

  88. Melo6kle

    Grande fleur
    Incroyable pour le prix !

  89. kim m lortie (verified owner)

    The descriptif is exactly what they have written smooth tasty gaz burns well its deff a real treat with out going broke <3 1 my fav

  90. elfaucheur (verified owner)

    pretty good.

  91. Em (verified owner)

    je l’adore mais ramener l’autre phéno par pitié.
    c’est bien le fun d’avoir toujours du stock de ce Strain mais l’autre beaucoup plus sweet.
    je vais certainement toujours m’en commander mais je m’ennuie du premier que jachetais il ya 2 ans de cela.

  92. ghassan elsayed (verified owner)

    great stuff great taste real indica effect

  93. JohnnyB420 (verified owner)

    one of my all time favs on this site! love all the pinks but this one tops them all. usually never cheap like this tho, im intrigued. Let yall know in a cpl days!

  94. Em (verified owner)

    y goûte vraiment pas aussi bon que les batch habituelle.
    cocottes collante et fluffy.
    le high est bon et très lourd.

    par contre, on y retrouve beaucoup trop de seeds.
    je ne suis pas décue mais la prochaine fois je ne l’acheterai pas à ce prix aussi bas.

  95. JohnnyB420 (verified owner)

    high might be good, buds are some ugly some beautiful, to be expected at such a low price.. BUT i feel like we shouldve been warned about the insane amount of seeds. i rolled one j from one bud, and had 8 seeds in it, thought i got them all, and then found 3 in my grinder. this is gona be a haaard sell.

  96. JohnnyB420 (verified owner)

    to ppl that think im annoying or ‘too involved’:
    all my reviews are 100% honest. when i get good stuff, i go just as hard into praising it, as i do when displeased with it. just here to share my full experience, (which could differ greatly from the next person’s) but this is mine! and thats what this section is for, right? thanks to bb for posting all reviews, negative and positive. transparency is trust, in my eyes. 👍 👍 👍

  97. david B

    As good as the original Pink kush

  98. Sine97 (verified owner)

    looks nice smells decent but the amount of seeds in this batch just makes it annoying to try and smoke the buds decent if you can manage to get all the seeds out there’s at least over an eight of seeds in a qp judging from what I’ve picked through already

  99. Brandon Kelly (verified owner)

    Amazing night time smoke

  100. Jeff in the Flesh (verified owner)

    disappointed in this batch. so many seeds!

  101. newfie99

    Great indica

  102. M Mouse (verified owner)

    The March 23d batch doesn’t look like the 2 batches I picked up prior. The prior batches were awesome! My rating is on the last two batches prior. This one looks darker and straggly. Dropped a star for not being consistent.

  103. Spick1124 (verified owner)

    My people love this stuff It has the gas smell that you get from the pinks. 4 out of 5

  104. Em (verified owner)

    cette batch est fluffy et collante.
    forte odeur et goût de kush assez présent.
    on ne se trompe pas avec ce Strain sauf quand il est a moins de 13$/g.

  105. Roddy Piper

    Incredible bud

  106. Stanley Cobblepot

    Amazing quality weed

  107. jakethesnakeroberts

    Awesome bud

  108. JohnnyB420 (verified owner)

    pink caviar is a must for me, i order every single batch. but i have a bad feeling this one isnt gona be like the others. its too pretty lol. perfect tight buds. usual pinks are chunky green nuggets with that sweet gassy kushy skunk smell.. not zesty. ive seen this change in the pinks alot lately so 🙏🤞🤞 wish me luck lol ill be back!

  109. K. W. I (verified owner)

    gets you where you want to be but not my favorite kind of Pink kush,kinda reminds me of some kinda astro flavor

  110. Melo6kle

    I love

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