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250mg CBD Honey Tears by Mary’s Medibles provides a great alternative for medical users. CBD Tears are made with 250mg of CBD derived from Hemp and contains less than 1% THC.

Uses: Anxiety | Pain | Inflammation | Insomnia | Stress | Migraines
Effects: Relaxed | Happy | Uplifted | Calm | Chill
Total servings: 250mg CBD per syringe
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CBD Honey Tears | 250mg CBD | Mary’s Medible

Pure Cannabis Oil
Manuka Honey
250mg CBD
<1% THC
Introducing the sweetest way to medicate. Our CDB Honey Tears are made from premium New Zealand Manuka Honey infused with potent, carefully extracted cannabis oil. With 250mg CBD, you’ll get the therapeutic benefits of potent marijuana strains. Each batch is lab-tested for accurate dosages.

Our Honey Tears are:


High-Quality Ingredients

250mg CBD Honey Tears By Marys Medible is infused with high-quality New Zealand Manuka Honey, a unique type of honey revered for its antiviral and antibacterial properties. In fact, reports say that it helps ease irritable bowel syndrome, periodontal diseases, upper respiratory tract infections and more.

You won’t experience any psychoactive effects. Our Honey Tears contain less than 1% THC, cannabis’ hallucinogenic compounds. All you’ll feel is the therapeutic properties that CBD brings.

The best part is, Honey Tears are convenient:

No Bulky Equipment – You don’t have to grind hash or smoke from a bong to reap the medical benefits of cannabis. You don’t have to deal with huge vaporizers, dab rigs or weed pipes.
Portable – Honey Tears come in slim, tiny containers, which easily fit in your knapsack or car.
Easy to Administer – The container makes it easy for you to control the amount you’re consuming. You can either add Honey Tears to your food or drop them under your tongue. Both won’t take a minute.

Recommended Dosage

Start by taking a drop that’s half the size of a grain of rice, two or three times a day. Then, gradually increase the dosage by 0.5mg per pound of your body weight. If you’re treating serious health issues, though, increase by 1mg to 2mg per pound of your body weight.

By easing your body into the proper dosage, you avoid side effects, such as anxiety and headaches.

Recommended Usage

There are two ways to administer Honey Tears:

Orally – Add a few drops to your food or drink. You can mix them in or just add them on top.
Sublingually – Place a few drops under your tongue. Let them sit there for a while, then swallow.

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    Gweat for “on the go”

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