Chronic Haze


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Bud Size: Small – Medium – Large
Ratings: (AAA++ – AAAA-)
Texture: Semi-Dense & Perfect Cure
Flavour: Citrus / Earthy / Floral / Herbal / Spicy / Sweet
Medical Usage: ADD / Anxiety / Appetite / Depression / Epilepsy / Inflammation / Stress / Pain
THC: 23 – 29% CBD: >1%
Batch: Feb 25, 2023


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Chronic Haze AAA++ Indica Dominant Hybrid Marijuana Strain, Now available at Bulk Buddy’s Online Cannabis Dispensary in Canada.

The Chronic Haze strain is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid, created by crossing the potent Chronic X Haze strains. Despite its slight sativa dominance, this plant produces a full-bodied high that will leave you feeling totally stoned from head to toe in no time at all. The potent THC levels in Chronic Haze will leave you feeling totally relaxed and sedated, with a sense of blissful grogginess. This makes it a popular choice for treating conditions like migraines, chronic pain, depression, muscle spasms and cramps. The taste is sweet with floral and fruity undertones, while the smoke leaves a light spicy note on your breath. The smell is of earthy fruitiness with an amicable herbal scent that lingers even after you’ve finished smoking. Chronic Haze buds have dense neon green spade-shaped tapered nugs, furry amber hairs, and glittering golden amber crystal trichomes coating them.


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 1/2 Ounce, 1 Ounce, Quarter Pound, Half Pound, Pound

24 reviews for Chronic Haze

  1. Wayne Muckpah (verified owner)

    Stinky and smelly!! Better than mk ultra 👍

  2. Greg C (verified owner)

    very good smoke

  3. Bradley Kehler (verified owner)

    Nice weed. Different. A unique scent and flavor, minty to my pallette, sharp tasting. It’s also quite potent, with often times one big bong rip being adequate. Making the list of strange new strains that are easily making the grade as instant classic, Chronic Haze is a change of pace from my usual bag of OG kush (Mike Tyson, El Chapo, etc).

  4. Leigh Brockerville (verified owner)


  5. Chopper

    Dr dre kush

  6. gazzer (verified owner)

    Love this stuff, good smoke!

  7. Loki89

    Nice stuff

  8. Fitz

    Good smoke, great buzz

  9. Flintstone (verified owner)

    I can smoke it again

  10. shredder


  11. depravity (verified owner)

    Excellent hybrid, great nose that is tough to describe. Tastes great, but still hits like a hybrid.

  12. felix R (verified owner)

    really love it 5 star

  13. Dave-o (verified owner)

    This one isn’t the highest THC but still potent enough to get the job done easily. With a nice taste, smell and also insane count/bag this one’s a 5 stare for sure. (Perfect warm-up to mid smoke for me 👍)
    Thanks BB

  14. Andriel Walsh Ouellet (verified owner)

    Danktastic !!!

  15. JJ (verified owner)

    Solid bugs. Look exactly like the pictures. Full THC and crystals. Light green. Smell like Cheese and kush. Hit good. The price is right. Cant complain. 8.5/10

    FULL DANK !!

  16. weedguy710425

    This stuff keeps me smoking like a chronic haha

  17. Olivier Banville

    Haze good

  18. Olivier Banville

    Belle pépites

  19. Olivier Banville

    À ne pas manquer super trucs

  20. comatose77

    For the experienced

  21. Olivier Banville

    Bonne agrumes terreux

  22. John Soutter (verified owner)

    For the price this was insanely good and rare to come by, me and a few buddies definitely enjoyed, appearance 9/10, taste 8/10, high 9/10, thanks bb

  23. Olivier Banville

    Super belle souche ça !!!!

  24. hipooki


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