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Gemmies Gummies | 35mg THC | Sec Edibles

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Sec Edibles’s Gemmies Gummie’s tried and tested MicroDose gummies. These wonderful little Gemmies are the perfect companion for a new user as they are a good dosage tester.

Uses: Insomnia | Inflammation | Pain | Fun | Anxiety
Effects: Happy | Relaxed | Calm | Sleepy
Total servings: 35 mg THC per package
Serving sizes: 7 x 5mg per Gem

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Gemmies (7x5mg THC) by SEC
7 adorable blue raspberry gemmies that pack a sour kick of flavour with a mild dosage of THC. At 5mg/gummy, these little guys are best used as a daily (or nightly) microdose and are highly recommended to anyone brand new to cannabis and/or with a high sensitivity to the psychoactive elements of THC.

These little bite-sized gems might turn your teeth into diamonds, or maybe that’s just the candy stuck in your teeth.

Sour kick, mild effects– these little gemmies are the perfect introduction to edibles for those new to the game and are a great microdose for those with THC sensitivities. Every bag comes with 7 delicious candies that pack 5mg of THC per piece so you can easily dose and control your experience. Enjoy these bite-sized sweets daily (or nightly) and let the light buzz of Blue Raspberry brighten up your day.

Total Dosage Of Package = 35mg THC (5mg per Gemmies)


Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Organic Vergin Coconut Oil, Natural Flavour, Colouring, Lab Tested Solvent-Free THC Extract.

1 review for Gemmies Gummies | 35mg THC | Sec Edibles


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  1. Dryden Stroud (verified owner)

    Tasted really unique and has a real sour but not too sour taste too

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