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Bud Size: Small – Medium
Texture: Dense – Normal – Purpleish
Flavour: Berry / Skunk / Grape / Sweet
Medical Usage: Anxiety / Insomnia / Depression /Pain / Migraines / Stress
THC: 18 – 25% CBD: >1%
Batch: Nov 11, 2020


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Grape Soda Indica Cannabis Strain From Bulk Buddy’s Curated Dispensary.

Grape Soda is distinguished by its large, chunky flowers that cling together in rounded and elongated columns, looking somewhat like miniature bullets. These buds show off a blended internal structure with a dense, indica-typical inner core and long, Sativa-like leaves that twist outward in folds, giving the flowers the appearance of brain coral. The leaves themselves are an eye-catching mix of sage green and deep indigo, with the latter colours coming from high concentrations of the pigment anthocyanin. Finally, corkscrewed orange pistils and dewy, translucent trichomes cap off these colourful nuggets.

As you might expect, Grape Soda’s primary aroma is that of fresh, ripe grapes — notably, though, this scent is coincidental to the flowers’ purple colouring. A deeper whiff may pick up on some other fruity notes like orange and berry. Grinding up or breaking apart these flowers, meanwhile, yields more of a skunky tang. When it’s burnt, Grape Soda gives off a smoke that is thick and heavy but nevertheless fruity and easy to ingest. On the exhale, this smoke leaves behind a robust grape flavour.

The high from Grape Soda can creep up slowly, sometimes not hitting the user some 10 to 15 minutes after they’ve smoked. When they do arrive, effects hit hard, exerting an increased blood pressure around the temples and lower forehead; consumers may also experience some flushing in the cheeks or an increase in salivation. Once these tics subside, users will have access to a warped mental state in which their thoughts seem to have a new dimension or intensity; ideas that might not otherwise strike them can suddenly become fascinating, while certain words or other stimuli can trigger bouts of free association. This cerebral activation can help facilitate intense brainstorming sessions. Alternatively, smokers can simply enjoy Grape Soda’s mental buzz as they get through a boring day’s agenda.

But take heed — within about an hour, Grape Soda’s mental edge gives way to a relaxed, sluggish feeling. Consumers who are out and about might find themselves making a mad dash for home while those who are lucky enough to be kicking it at home may start to melt into their surroundings. Although this strain’s mental stimulation may persist for the duration of the high, smokers may be stripped of some prior motivation and may be able to do little more than a daydream. Because of its eventual descent into sedation, Grape Soda is recommended for evening or nighttime use.

Grape Soda’s soothing somatic effects can have several applications for medical cannabis patients. For one, its ability to improve mood can make the strain a solid way to take the edge off of symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Grape Soda may also dull physical pain, even the kind that’s due to chronic conditions like arthritis or COPD. Anti-inflammatory properties, meanwhile, can take the sting out of mild discomforts like headaches or nausea. In a totally comfortable set and setting, this bud may even put users to sleep, making it a viable treatment for insomnia. Thanks to its lower-than-average risk of paranoid, obsessive thinking patterns, Grape Soda is a good option for patients who have a low THC tolerance or who are prone to panic.

Unfortunately for prospective gardeners, seeds of Grape Soda have not been cultivated for commercial sale. Instead, those looking to grow the strain at home may be able to obtain clippings from mature plants in order to foster “clones.” These can be grown indoors or out, with outdoor success depending on a hot, humid climate. Plants tend to have a squat, bushy silhouette with solid, sideways-growing branches. Grape Soda flowers within a relatively brief 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors.

Packing a serious THC punch, Grape Soda is sure to win over even seasoned cannabis consumers. It’s just the thing for zoning out after a long day or week of work.


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45 reviews for Grape Soda

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The bag appeal on this stuff is really good the buds are so tight even the popcorn ones. Burns nice an clean will definitely order again

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice taste. Good bag appeal. Would buy again.

  3. Marc Andre Bourdon

    For the price this stuff is great. Buds are purple all the way through, dense, with a grapey floral smell. The high is hazey, as is the case with many purple crosses. Gets 4 stars because there is another level to this and due to personal preference but at this price this bud is a bargain

  4. Allison (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I haven’t even received it yet due to crazy long canada post delays but who cares! Every time i order its amazing and fast no complaints i know this bud will be worth my money 😉

  6. Neil (verified owner)

  7. Casa (verified owner)

    Massive buds, fantastic nose. Bag appeal is amazing. Trim is pretty solid too.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Casa
  8. Ozzie Pavao (verified owner)

    Huge well trimmed bids, great bag appeal.

  9. Pim

    Great looking well-trimmed buds that also taste great. Definitely recommend it.

  10. ClockWork (verified owner)

    Great bag appeal, very nice smell, smokes good and burns clean. Trim job is top notch, would definitely order again.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

  12. Kaitlynn Pitt (verified owner)

    Hang on! This stuff is potent! Found it creep up and couch lock me hard – perfect! Just what I wanted 🙂 huge tight buds. 10/10 would recommend

  13. Gabe (verified owner)

  14. Patrick (verified owner)

    Sugar taste like it

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

  16. Karl D. (verified owner)

  17. Brendon C. (verified owner)

  18. Carley (verified owner)

    Pretty darn good

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

  20. Snuppylee786 (verified owner)


  21. Kimbo71 (verified owner)

    Great smoke and smell!

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

  23. Anthony S. (verified owner)

  24. Chasity (verified owner)

  25. Emily (verified owner)

    great weed for a great price

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely fire smells sweet, taste has hints of grapes very satisfied

  27. Kimbo71 (verified owner)


  28. jason (verified owner)

    Maybe not as purple looking as the pictures but still really nice stuff

  29. Alex (verified owner)

    3 day delevery is false info ! , HELL NAH more like real liars it come in 2 weeks, better grown mine LoL

  30. Budster (verified owner)

    Nice frosty good sized buds good nose burns clean and gets ya baked good job bb keep em comin

  31. Yvon Deland (verified owner)

  32. Russ (verified owner)

    That taste is amazing 🔥 a must buy

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)


  34. Nicole Prout

    Please do not buy from bulk buddy I put in a order over 1000$ and I never recived it yet . I can’t even get a hold of these guys complete scam . My whole months money on weed gone …

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Nicole Prout
    • Bulk Admin (store manager)

      Hi Nicole, did you try emailing us? We never got anything. It says it is delivered! I’ll email you right now! sorry for the inconvenience, Our email is bombarded with spam

  35. Nicole Prout

    Please do not buy from bulk buddy I put in a order over 1000$ and I never recived it yet . I can’t even get a hold of these guys complete scam

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Nicole Prout
  36. Colin M. (verified owner)

    Love this strain. Pictures don’t do justice excellent bag appeal, aroma, and flavour.

  37. Jonathan Bellavance (verified owner)

    Ill be your best customer ur stuff is just so crazy if you have more of that one a pounds or more i want them

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very impressed

  39. Kvan15 (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff was cheaper than the last batch I got but same quality

  40. Bill S. (verified owner)

    Looks amazing but has little smell or taste to it, burns alright, not a very heavy hitter.

  41. Trevor Osbourne (verified owner)

    This grape keeps getting better and better

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Exactly as it looks, tastes great and nice high

  43. Keaton Pilkey (verified owner)

    Holy this stuff was caked so nice grape smell was potent

  44. OliverKlossofv (verified owner)

    Priced great for what you get. 1 elbow. Customer service was my number 1 when ordering. I totally messed up, 100% on me. But they corrected everything and stayed in contact to make sure the order worked out. 5 Star, great customer service. 5 Star Big Buds and small ones too, smokes well, tastes great, and I cannot really complain. Delivery time came earlier than said. I will order again. truly a happy camper. Trust was big deal, and they delivered above and beyond. I will not order from anywhere else. Merry Christmas to everyone!!! GBTP!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from OliverKlossofv
  45. Bruno Cote (verified owner)

    Nice taste and look but the ashes is a bit dark for aaaa

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