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Red Lebanese Hash



Colour: Brownish – Red
Texture: Medium Soft
Smells: Spicy

*Quality differs with new batches, smaller amounts are always recommended before buying bulk hash online*


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Red Lebanese Hash From Bulk Buddy’s Curated Online Cannabis Dispensary Store in Canada.

Direct from Lebanon. Taste another part of the world. Red Lebanese Hash is known there as a strong, sedative hash and a quality product from the area. Cultivation: The most important Cannabis-Fields are located in the valley of Baalbek. The fields are cultivated on a very large scale, many of them using modern machinery. The production is very industrially oriented, tradition is not very involved in the Hash-Business. Production: The Cannabis-Plants are left on the field until they are nearly dry.
By this time they will have acquired a brown-reddish colour (some Chlorophyll is destroyed by the UV-Rays of the Sun). Finally, the plants are brought in a barn to be dried completely. Hashish is produced in the same way as in Morocco, basically, the buds are carefully rubbed over a fine silk cloth, the resulting powder can be pressed together. Colour: There are two kinds of Lebanese-Hash: Blond Lebanese, which is yellowish and Red Lebanese which is reddish-brown. The Red-Lebanese Hash is made from riper plants. Smell: Spicy to very spicy, refreshing smell. Taste: Very spicy, harsher than Turk or Morocco. Some Lebanese-Hash is harsher than Afghani, especially when smoked in a Bong. Lebanese is quite an acquired taste. Effect: Compared to most other Hash varieties the High is quite cerebral, however more stony than Morocco. Our red kind produces a more cerebral high than the blond kind.

The plants which are used for Hash production are very small and bushy Indicas. In Afghanistan, Hashish is pressed by hand after the addition of a small quantity of tea or water. The Hashish is worked on until it becomes highly elastic and has a strong aromatic smell. In Afghanistan, the product is stored in the form of Hash-Balls (because a round ball has the least contact with air), however, before being shipped, the Hash is pressed tightly in 100g slabs generally. Good qualities of Afghani are signed with the stem of the producing family.

Hashish is the moment at which the essence of cannabis (the trichomes) parts ways with the plant material itself. This is achieved when the ripe and resinous gland heads that line the surface of female cannabis plants are separated and collected. Processes to achieve resin separation have been practiced for centuries; however, the rapid rise of cannabis legalization in the western world has brought new methods in hash preparation that are sweeping legal markets by storm.

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39 reviews for Red Lebanese Hash


Average of 39 reviews

  1. mike craig (verified owner)

  2. Francois (verified owner)

    One of the best

  3. Marcolivier (verified owner)

    Best hash I ever tasted. Love the shade of red in the hash

  4. MIKE (verified owner)

    Loved it

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. Camillio (verified owner)

    excellent le meilleur depuis longtemps

  7. Paul W. (verified owner)

    Little stickier than I was used too but very nice taste and buzz

  8. Tyler (verified owner)

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it…. This has am amazing taste and a high that is just as good.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Caroline Cyr (verified owner)

  12. Gquebed (verified owner)

    It’s not “real” Red Lebanese. It’s been coloured red with something. The smell and taste is off, petrochemical-like, which I think might be from the dye. But it nearly passes the bubble test, it packs a great punch, and the price is not bad. So 2.5 overall… and round up to 3 cuz ya have to round one way or the other.

  13. Darren Robinson (verified owner)

    It’s ok had red Lebanese from this site once before got it as a filler I guess they didn’t give me what I ordered. It was amazing hash and this is not the same

  14. Luc Durivage (verified owner)

    soo many are ignorant and think there only 1 red lebanese sadly sorry for them there more then 20 Red Lebanese recipes and all are different eachother, as a 50 years of experiences in Hash smoking i confirm it is one of the red lebanese producer who make this hash from around Beirut with produces from bekka valley just a lower commercial one and for the price it is very potent, there is no dye colored or chemical the reddish colors come from trichromes and the very high levels of CBD and CBN in the plant matters Gquebed get educated instead of babling in reviews go learn the worlds how thing work instead saying in it not Lebanese i did travel many country who make hash and most know what i write here is the truth!

  15. Pam V (verified owner)

    Geat texture color and strong buzz. Gets you sleepy and you stay sleepy! A little burning on the throat tho

  16. Big Red (verified owner)

    This is a hash lovers dream site…over 40 types….. the ability to order small amounts for samplers is how it should be…. great delivery times and customer service.
    A decent offering of hashish… quite different from any other I’ve ever tried…. it is quite strong

  17. Luc Durivage (verified owner)

    second time i buy this product but it was replace with lower quality product the three red very unhappy because i buy it before and the management was very good until now! they need to fix this issue !

  18. Luc Durivage (verified owner)

    the last batch was again not like before
    less reddish more dark brown
    was more soft and very sticky (fresh)
    and pack a punch i found weird the differences on each batch i love when reddish it mean high CBD concentration and better pain releiver

  19. shredder

    lovd it

  20. Mercdogstunna

    Best I’ve had in a while!

  21. Bob Cashflow

    Verry nice,my favorite

  22. Sami B. (verified owner)

    I liked it

  23. buster (verified owner)

    Very nice!

  24. Mr. T (verified owner)

    Loved it hope for more, sticky and fresh just the way I like it !!!…more please

  25. Bobby3012 (verified owner)

    Old school hash! Bring me back in the ninety! I love it!

  26. Weedguy710420

    real old school vibes

  27. Melo6kle

    Love this hash!

  28. Corey (verified owner)

    Fabulous red Lebanese Hash! Definitely no jokes here! Real deal. I liked the Tree red a bit better , but that’s also from years back as well, not just here. But rating this for what it is… well it’s what it should be. Lil less spicy than I like in some batches, but I love spicy:peppery(REAL old school red:gold seal Afghan). But this isn’t Afghan. Lebanese did a great job on this World famous strain. I’m looking forward to trying future batches. If you like red Lebanese Hash, order it up, cuz it’s the real deal.

    Final thoughts: 4.5/5* (only lost .5 stars because it was a teeny harsher & less spicy than I’m used to getting, but it’s still really good).

  29. Pholeevier Vanbeel

    Top qualiter

  30. stevesnow81

    amazing hash love it

  31. JohnnyB420

    A good quality hash that Burns well in joints

  32. Melo6kle

    Really good smoke!

  33. Gallagher

    The og hashish

  34. jakethesnakeroberts

    Strong stuff

  35. Stanley Cobblepot

    So good!

  36. jakethesnakeroberts

    Super awesome hash!

  37. dogmom339

    Love this

  38. Melo6kle

    Classic smoke
    Never disappoints

  39. happiness is weed and coffee

    Awesome quality hash

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