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Green Lantern Shatter



Colour: Yellow
Texture: Perfectly Snaps
Flavour: Citrus / Fruity / Peppery / Pine / Skunky / Woody
Medical Usage: ADD / Cramps / Depression / Migraines / Nausea / Pain / Stress
THC: 77-80% CBD: >1%


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Green Lantern Indica Dominant Hybrid Shatter Cannabis Strain is now available at Bulk Buddy’s Curated Online Dispensary From Canada.

Green Lantern Shatter is a mostly sativa strain whose undocumented history poses frustrations for genetic enthusiasts. While some rumors mark the 1960s as Green Lantern’s beginning, others tell us that Green Lantern Shatter is a newer strain that resulted from crossing Green Crack and White Rhino.

Whatever its parentage may be, Green Lantern shatter inherits mellow euphoric effects and a peppery pine aroma comparable to that of Jack Herer. The Green Lantern’s shatter aroma suggests the presence of caryophyllene and pinene, which are terpenes that fight inflammation and promote focus.

Disclaimer (Aug 28th, 2024): As warmer weather is upon us, cannabis products such as shatter, gummies, chocolates, and baked goods may melt during transit. If necessary, please ensure to temporarily store products in the fridge after you receive them. We are not responsible for any melted products.

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20 reviews for Green Lantern Shatter


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  1. Josh Cam

    I have been ordering with Bulk Buddy for a year now and never had a problem. There has always been reviews on there products that they got scammed and I always thought they where just spam comments. I Ordered the Banana Og Shatter 2 gs and I just received it today. I received a bag labeled Banana Og with no product inside. Cant believe your “Company” is a 50/50 with scamming. Package was not tampered with and sealed tight so there is no blame here but towards your company. Very upset that your company had the audacity to send an empty bag along with the receipt. Hopefully you guys are shut down soon.

    • Bulk Admin

      Hi friend, we will never scam anyone with empty packages or anything, We are understaffed and I believe there was a human error, I will get someone to contact you and fix this scenario. Our apologize for the inconvenience!

  2. Davey

    In over 2 years doing business I have NEVER been scammed by bulk buddy. Anyway, scamming would only apply here if they didn’t send anything and just take your money. If you get an empty package then it was obviously human error, which happens to everyone. In my opinion Bulk Buddy is a great MOM !

  3. Ben Dover (verified owner)

    …good buzz, I feel bamzoombled. Change the name to “Green Pea”….tha’s what it tastes like to me.

  4. Mercdogstunna

    Would order again!

  5. shredder


  6. Magneto

    Its good

  7. Loki89

    Good one

  8. Fitz

    Love it

  9. Olivier Banville

    Tu te transforme en petits monstre vert

  10. Olivier Banville

    Beau truc a goûter

  11. hipooki


  12. Pholeevier Vanbeel


  13. Amy divine

    dla bombe

  14. Melo6kle

    Je recommande!

  15. stevesnow81

    amazing quality shatter

  16. David Bartlett


  17. eric_snow

    love this

  18. Melo6kle

    Des trucs de tueur
    Absolument incroyable!

  19. newfie1982

    Awesome product

  20. Melo6kle

    I recommend! Always good quality and fast service!!

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