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Island Sweet Skunk Shatter



Colour: Light-Yellow
Texture: Perfectly – Snaps
Flavour: Citrus / Fruity / Grapefruit / Skunky / Sweet / Tropical
Medical Usage: Appetite / Depression / Insomnia / Mood Swings / Pain / Stress
THC: 77-82% CBD: >1%

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Island Sweet Skunk Sativa Dominant Hybrid Shatter strain is now available at Bulk Buddy’s Online Curated Dispensary from Canada.

Island Sweet Skunk Shatter is a high-quality concentrate that is derived from the popular Island Sweet Skunk weed. This shatter has a THC content of around 70%, making it a powerful choice for those who need relief from pain, anxiety, or other medical conditions. It has an earthy taste and aroma, with sweet and skunky flavours that are sure to please. Island Sweet Skunk, aka Sweet Island Skunk or ISS, has been cultivated on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, for decades. In 2013, Nirvana’s version of this plant was included in the High Times Canadian award of Top 10 Strains of All Time list.

Sweet Skunk was developed by Federation Seeds, and it should not be confused with Sweet Skunk from Spice of Life. This plant is greatly influenced by Skunk #1 as well as a 1970s California Skunk known as Sweet Skunk. Sweet Skunk was brought to Federation Seeds by a Vietnam veteran, who crossed it with an unknown Sativa. It’s worth noting that island sweet skunk THC content can be as much as 25% high, making it effective for medical marijuana patients for treating joint pain, arthritis, nausea, and hunger loss. Island Sweet Skunk can boost a person’s disposition and be utilized to treat depression, anxiety, and stress. Users frequently feel motivated and inventive. It might also aid with headaches and island Sweet Skunk is easier to grow than many other Sativa-heavy strains.

Island sweet skunk when grown, thrives in the Screen of Green environment. It performs well both indoors and outdoors, however, because of its height and the amount of space it needs, the strain may do better outside or in a greenhouse. Plants will require support for an eight to nine-week flowering period. Outside, this particular cannabis strain usually matures between mid-October and early November.

Bulk Buddy’s Online Curated Dispensary from Canada is now carrying Island Sweet Skunk shatter, a high-quality concentrate that is derived from the popular island sweet skunk strain. This shatter has a THC content of around 70%, making it a powerful choice for those who need relief from pain, anxiety, or other

Disclaimer (April 20th, 2022): As warmer weather is upon us, cannabis products such as shatter, gummies, chocolates, and baked goods may melt during transit. If necessary, please ensure to temporarily store products in the fridge after you receive them. We are not responsible for any melted products.

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5 reviews for Island Sweet Skunk Shatter


Average of 5 reviews

  1. Baiehound (verified owner)

    Nice color, good taste, good bang for your buck

  2. Andie

    Nice job, taste is all there. No complaints.

  3. Canaan Fevens (verified owner)

    Really nice stuff but only received half of what I ordered

  4. Anonymous

    Really enjoyed this.. Always a nostalgic high, makes me feel like it’s always summer. Mixes perfectly with any pineapple strain.

  5. weedman1968 (verified owner)

    For me smoking shatter is a treat, and this is definitely worth it. I love the lemon taste you get with this along with an intense feeling of well-being. Cured my bad mood instantly. Snaps perfectly!

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