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Bud Size: Small – Medium – Large
Texture: Semi-Dense & Perfect Cure – Hints of 👾Purple👾
Flavour: Berry / Citrus / Fruity / Lemon / Nutty / Sour / Strawberry / Sweet / Vanilla
Medical Usage: ADD / Depression / Fibromyalgia / Headaches / Insomnia / Pain / Stress
THC: 24 – 31% CBD: >1%
Batch: Apr 3, 2024

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Buy Macnanna Hybrid Weed Strain from Bulk Buddy’s Curated Online Dispensary Canada.

Macnanna strain is a 50-50 mix of Indica and Sativa that was created by crossing the powerful MAC Miracle Alien Cookies X Strawberry Banana strains, this makes Macnanna a perfect 50-50 hybrid.

This cannabis is ideal for any hybrid connoisseur, named for its illustrious parentage and traditional flavour. The high begins with a subtle boost of effects, which fills your thoughts with a soaring euphoria.

With long-lasting effects that are perfect for any time of day or night. With a Macnanna’s THC level of 21-26%, Macnanna is considered an average to high-strength strain. The CBD level of Macnanna is usually below 1%.

Users describe the Macnanna strain as having a sweet and fruity taste with hints of banana and a skunky aroma.

A relaxing and warming body buzz will wash over your entire physical form as you fall in and out of fits of laughter, lulling you into a deeply couch-locked state of pure sedation with a relaxing full-body relief.

This effect can make you drowsy at times, leaving you dozing off here and there before you realize it. This strain is known to cause effects such as relaxation, happiness, uplifted, euphoria, energy, and creativity. Macnanna is good for treating medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, pain, fatigue, and headaches/migraines.

Macnanna has possible side effects such as dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and paranoia. Macnanna is considered an easy strain to grow and can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Macnanna strain has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks and can produce a yield of up to 21 ounces per plant.

This cannabis has a memorable aroma of sweet and fruity strawberry lemon banana flavour with hints of rich earth and wood on each with a hint of sweet shortbread exhale.

Sweet and fruity strawberry banana berry flavour with nuances of fresh nutty bananas and sour citrusy lemon, Macnanna buds are dense spade-shaped forest green nugs with dusty amber undertones, dark amber hairs, and a glistening sheen.

Macnanna is perfect for any hybrid lover who wants a classic taste with Mac-like effects.

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39 reviews for Macnanna


Average of 39 reviews

  1. jc1oz (verified owner)

    Love the fruity smell. Good high.

  2. John Hartlin (verified owner)

    Nice smell and good for price for sure thanks B.B

  3. J4twenty (verified owner)

    Nice hybrid, good to smoke anytime of day

  4. realgrimm (verified owner)

    I see bulk buddy is hiding comments again .. this has SEEDS .. be a transparent company and stop manipulating your rating.. I spent thousands here because the product is good and your reviews are honest but someone in this company is acting shady

  5. Mercdogstunna

    Another great hybrid! Loved the bag appeal and nugs!

  6. Weedguy710420

    Great stuff

  7. buddy514 (verified owner)

    this hydrid mix really tastes and smells like bananas. A sweet smoke perfect for the afternoon.

  8. JohnnyB420

    Realgrimm knows whatsup!!! All these fake reviews now. BB is changing! Dono whos in control of all this but yall got it right already, no need for shady shit like that. Weedguy710420 ,buddy514, easy to tell the fake ones. Sucks we cant even trust the reviews anymore. Ruined that for us.

  9. R.J 420

    frl man u guys gotta stop this fake review stuff

    • Bulk Admin

      We have never done any fake reviews, It is actual people doing these we don’t have time for these fake reviews

  10. Alexandru Manole

    this is gonna be a review when it arrives orrdered 1 oz caz doing half pound mix and match when lands will review but they hook it up and the staff work hard.

  11. amk.v (verified owner)

    not 2 damn bad . a little dark on the ash.
    nice and sticky thats 4 sure.

  12. bigredman (verified owner)

    Smells bit funky amazing buds tho🔥

  13. TyLer (verified owner)

    Dosent taste very good

  14. shredder


  15. JockyBwoy


  16. JockyBwoy

    Wouah !

  17. weedguy710425

    Awesome bag appeal

  18. TomShanks (verified owner)

    I’ve bought macnanna about 7 or 8 times now, never disappointed

  19. comatose77


  20. hipooki


  21. comatose77

    5 stars all day

  22. centvin

    so good

  23. Genosha

    The sugar coating is perfect!

  24. snake_pliskin

    real nice

  25. Erik lensher

    Perfect buds

  26. huitlacoche


  27. Mark.Chan

    I Like it alot

  28. Dave-o (verified owner)

    this one did not disappoint.
    nice bud all around, sticky and gassy. probably one of the best bang for your buck on here (Mind you all the MAC strains have been great).
    thanks BB

  29. comatose77

    Mac Yes

  30. Melo6kle

    I love

  31. David Bartlett

    Spot on

  32. Cihlver (verified owner)

    I find 50 50 strains are 50 50 for a hit or a miss. This is Definitely a hit especially for the price

  33. Stanley Cobblepot

    Awesome bud

  34. Melo6kle

    Definitely on my list this stuffs great a good potent!

  35. Brutus (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this a lot!
    Nice looking buds, Sweet smell, smooth taste, fluffs up real nice, trim was not bad.
    Nice buzz, Nice price,
    Thanks BB

  36. jakethesnakeroberts

    Awesome prices

  37. Simon992 (verified owner)

    Looks very nice smells ok taste better good high

  38. dogmom339

    Awesome bud

  39. Melo6kle

    Great genetics

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