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Mandarin Cookies AAAA+ Sativa Craft By Valley Boys


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Bud Size: Small – Medium – Large
Texture: Semi-Fluffy & Perfect Cure – Hints of ☯️Purple☯️
Flavour: Citrus / Earthy / Herbal / Orange / Sour
Medical Usage: ADD/ADHD / Chronic Pain / Depression / Fatigue / Headaches
THC: 24-31% CBD: >1%
Batch: Sept 9, 2022

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Mandarin Cookies AAAA Sativa Dominant Hybrid Craft Weed Strain by Valley Boys, Now available at Bulk Buddy’s Online Dispensary

Mandarin Cookies is a unique Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. First grown in the United States, Mandarin Cookies is a proprietary strain first grown by Ethos Genetics. Although many online publications claim the strain to be the result of a GSC cross, this Colorado-based cannabis company claims that the strain is a cross of Ethos Cookie #12 and Mandarin Sunset. This crossbreeding resulted in 18 out of 18 plants being designated “keepers” by the growers, illustrating this cross’s powerful genetics. Mandarin Cookies is a daytime strain, with THC concentrations averaging around 20%, though some batches have tested at nearly 26%.

In line with its Sativa-dominant genetics, Mandarin Cookies present with elongated buds that look like bright green peppers. Occasionally, the buds present with deep purple hues which can make them look like an entirely different strain altogether. Winding yellowish hairs will wrap themselves around the surface of these buds, adding to their overall appearance. In addition, these buds are dusted with a fine coating of milky white trichomes.

These buds produce a potent aroma that is pleasant and not quite intense. As these buds are broken down, you should expect an aroma of earth, kush, and strong citrus overtones with a bit of pungency coming to light when the buds are ignited. The flavour is often one of the largest selling points of Mandarin Cookies, as it produces an incredibly bright and vibrant flavour. Users have reported tasting an incredibly light mixture of citrus and herbs, with a bit of a nutty almond exhale.

In addition to the flavour, the high produced by these buds is a selling point of the strain. Mandarin Cookies has garnered quite a following, as it produces an incredibly uplifting and energetic high. When the high begins, you should expect a rush of euphoric energy to fill your headspace, erasing any negative thoughts and emotions. Creatives will find this strain an excellent tool in combating boredom, haze, and blocks of any kind.

This high spreads throughout the body quite rapidly, filling the mind and body with a tingling sensation that is beyond pleasant. As the high continues, it develops into a relaxing body high with a physical lull, making most users find a comfy spot to curl up in for a mid-afternoon nap. This sensation isn’t sedative, more so it is relaxing to a point where even those who suffer from chronic discomfort will find relaxation.


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20 reviews for Mandarin Cookies AAAA+ Sativa Craft By Valley Boys

  1. jimboking (verified owner)

    Nice orange smell and hit harder than i tought it would

  2. largerips (verified owner)

    nice smell and well cured awesome sativa only dislike was hits behind the eyes a bit. otherwise really awesome enjoying my batch 🙂

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Scott Erdahl (verified owner)

  5. Scott (verified owner)

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    pretty good high, recommonded

  7. Krysten (verified owner)

  8. Eric Allward (verified owner)

    Very nice sativa! Potent and nice taste! Try it out!

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    awesome sativa!

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Mark Richard (verified owner)

  12. M Mouse (verified owner)

    Nice Flavour Sativa! The Flavour is tangy sweet but it is light and you have to look for it but nothing wrong with that because it makes it an enjoyable smoke. Clean smoke very smooth. The Flavour is noticeable for sure, soft yet enlightening. Euphoric nice relaxing high. AAAA+ for sure. 🙂

  13. borderG (verified owner)

    NIce high grade sativa. clean burn white ash

  14. M Mouse (verified owner)

    Yummy citrus orange taste and smell and light smoke. Not harsh at all, very light and euphoric. Great Sativa and well grown! Nice nugs and bag appeal. Not kushy. Light Creamy Orangy Sativa. The sour taste is faint if any and leans more to the sweeter side.

  15. John Hartlin (verified owner)

    Really liked thus one…I am not a sativa guy but this is great stuff

  16. Syko089 (verified owner)

    Tasty Nice high Nice bud

  17. Mercdogstunna

    First time trying and greatly impressed!

  18. J4twenty (verified owner)

    Very nice sativa

  19. jimboking (verified owner)

    very smooth but still potent for a sativa

  20. ryoshuu (verified owner)

    Wow simply amazing! Great smell, flavour and high, instantly became one of my fav sativa. Will buy again, once restocked.

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