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Bud Size: Small – Medium – Large
Texture: Semi-Dense & Perfect Cure
Flavour: Chemical / Citrus / Diesel / Earthy / Fuel / Lemon / Pine / Woody
Medical Usage: ADD / Appetite / Depression / Insomnia / Nausea / Pain / Stress
THC: 22 – 28% CBD: >1%
Batch: July 25, 2023

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Motorbreath (AAA++) Indica Dominant Hybrid Marijuana Strain From Bulk Buddy’s Curated Online Dispensary From Canada.

For all of you non-Metallica fans, “Motorbreath” is 1982 classic that will melt your face off. Similarly, the strain of the same name is here to help you have a great time. Motorbreath said to be created by the mysterious Pisces Genetics, is a cross between two legendary strains – Chemdawg and SFV OG Kush. Super potent and bold in flavour, it’s a bud that isn’t for the faint of heart.

By all accounts, Motorbreath clocks in at a very consistent 28% THC, making her completely inappropriate for novice smokers. Her nugs are elongated in shape and feature thin orange pistils with very small, yet frosty, amber crystals. The flavours of this bud have to be smoked to believe because the combination is simply a bit mind-boggling. Motorbreath offers notes of citrus, earth, diesel, garlic, and even meat. Imagine the smell of one’s man cave and you’ll likely find that Motorbreath mirrors it perfectly.

As any good hybrid strain should, this gal tends to begin with an uplifting sensation that could rocket your mind into the far reaches of joy. Problems melt away and however long of a day you just had will be the last thing you think about, but this uptick in mood doesn’t necessarily come with a boost in energy levels. Most users report that a slightly warm tingle transforms into a total body stone, and with it comes sedation that will likely keep you glued to the couch for a while. In some cases, Motorbreath ushers in a deep sleep that kicks insomnia to the curb.

Seeds of Motorbreath are tough to find, as most online retailers are sold out of this gorgeous gal. After all, she did win awards at the 2015 and 2016 THC Championships in the Recreational Hybrid category. If you’re able to locate seeds and want to give her a go, consult with an experienced cultivator first. All that is reported is that this bud takes nearly 10 weeks to mature, and her preferred environments, as well as tips and tricks to make her thrive, seem to be hidden away. The good news is that she appears to be fairly widely available at local dispensaries, so you could just opt to purchase some whenever you’re running low.

Just like Metallica, Motorbreath is a strain that comes with an acquired taste. While her effects might be similar to many other Indica-dominant plants on the market, her flavours alone almost act as a barrier to see who’s serious about enjoying her to the fullest. If you’re a newer smoker, stay far away from this bud, however, if you’re experienced and looking for something to put hair on your chest, Motorbreath just might be the one.

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3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 1/2 Ounce, 1 Ounce, Quarter Pound, Half Pound, Pound

40 reviews for Motorbreath


Average of 40 reviews

  1. Robert R. (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Santanna (verified owner)

    Exactly what I paid for

  5. Frank (verified owner)

    Great smoke,excellent high. Touch fresh but excellent value

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This one was unique; smells great, great taste, covered in sugar. Beautiful big nugs!

  7. KingGypsy86 (verified owner)

    Huuuuuuuge buds nice and stinky!!!!

  8. Lostsoul90 (verified owner)


  9. Nicholas Colosimo (verified owner)

    Kush always on point, don’t know if they take the weekends off though….crazy

  10. Weedguy710420

    Helps my motormouth🤣

  11. Joint roller 420 (verified owner)

    Really nice smoke like gassy/ lemon terps and smokes similar to lots of pink and og strains

  12. Loki89

    The lemon taste is nice remerber me my first weed ive smoje

  13. Fitz

    Love lemon taste

  14. Patrick Budgell (verified owner)

    Amazing quality

  15. Trueyami (verified owner)

    One of the best kushs iv gotten from bb

  16. comatose77


  17. hipooki


  18. comatose77

    Heavy high

  19. Stony 613 (verified owner)

    Strong Indica.

  20. Trueyami (verified owner)

    Good weed for the price

  21. TopGunz (verified owner)

    White Ash, decent bag appeal, aroma and taste is spot on. Good bang for the buck.

  22. Brutus (verified owner)

    Bang 4 buck, taste is okay, buzz is good. Price is right for this budget bud, GG’S BB

  23. Dutchstoner (verified owner)

    Lighter green then I expected from the pictures but very nice bud lots of crystal.
    Citrus smell and taste with a nice stone.

  24. JJ (verified owner)

    Very light green. Full of crystal. The look is good. Soft high. Taste little bit weird. Bad trim. Full of leaf. Smell skunky. 4/5 for the price of 81$ + 45% discount good overall

  25. Stony 613 (verified owner)

    This was great

  26. Trueyami (verified owner)

    Some smaller buds but mostly big dense buds smokes great and tastes great to

  27. fred453


  28. TomShanks (verified owner)

    not bad stuff, but was expecting to get buds that looked like the pictures , these were a little more airy

  29. Carine

    les saveurs sont très intéressantes quand ça goûte chimique j’adore

  30. comatose77 (verified owner)

    always like

  31. comatose77 (verified owner)

    still hitting nicee

  32. centvin

    very nice

  33. Genosha

    Quality cannabis

  34. snake_pliskin

    good banger

  35. Aro Man (verified owner)

    great strain I had here before, but this july 25 batch at this point, judging from an eight am sampling, is a bit dry, aroma is altered, and it also seems seedy, so… not goood smoke unless some sorting is done, and some mix is done, not good as is… (I wish we could get some good Unicorn Poop or Sophie’s Breath here…)

  36. Jason B

    Flawless batch

  37. Aro Man (verified owner)

    it’s good, just make sure no seed is grinded

  38. Melo6kle

    Love it great product

  39. Trueyami (verified owner)

    Less kushy then old motor breaths iv gotten from you but img its so gassy and a little bit of a berry taste just a hint tho plus more a earthy kush taste to me motor has been great bought many hps of this

  40. Weedguy710420


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