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Purple Dank Breath AAAA+ Indica Craft By Baby Daddy


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Bud Size: Small – Medium – Large
Texture: Semi-Dense & Perfect Cure – 💜Purple💜
Flavour: Berry / Candy / Citrus / Fruity / Grapefruit / Herbal / Sour / Sweet / Tropical
Medical Usage: Anxiety / Bipolar Disorder / Depression / Insomnia / Pain / Stress
THC: 24 – 30% CBD: >1%
Batch: Sept 16, 2022

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Purple Dank Breath AAAA+ Indica Dominant Hybrid Craft Weed Strain by Baby Daddy, Now available at Bulk Buddy’s Curated Online Dispensary in Canada.

The wonderful Purple Punch X Mendo Breath F2 strains were used to create the evenly balanced hybrid strain Purple Drank Breath, This fantastic hybrid has everything: a crazy tasty flavour similar to the delicious purple punch, an invigorating high and high potency that will make you Purple Drank Breath is an excellent choice for those new to cannabis or veterans alike.

This cannabis strain has a fantastic taste of sweet fruitiness accented grape with a hint of berry similar to tropical fruits, and its high is known to be very relaxing and uplifting, perfect for unwinding after a long day or stress-relieving during tough times. Purple Dank Breath is also known to help with appetite loss and nausea. This strain’s indica properties will leave you feeling Purple Drank Breath is an excellent choice for those new to cannabis or veterans alike.

The delicious flavour is just as appealing, with a tart sour grapefruit accent and earthy herbs. The Purple Drank Breath will have you lounging rather than getting up and moving, with the entire body having full-bodied buzzing effects that soothe both mental and physical pains away. A light tingle will enter the back of your brain and creep into the back of your eyes, lulling you into a sense of contentedness. This Marijuana is perfect for treating conditions such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, chronic pain, chronic stress and insomnia. It is also known to help with appetite loss and nausea. At the end of the high, you will get some sleepy effects which are perfect for physical aches and medical problems.

You can expect Purple Drank Breath plants to grow tall and lanky, with Indica-dominant leaves. The flowers are dense and resinous, with a deep purple hue. This amazing hybrid is a great choice for indoor or outdoor growing and can be ready for harvest in as little as 8 weeks. This is a relatively easy strain to grow and is a great choice for those new to growing cannabis. You’ll feel physically calmed and kicked back with a heavily arousing feeling that permeates every inch of your body. This bud has long pepper-shaped minty green nugs with thin orange hairs and a coating of tiny white trichomes. Buy Weed Online At Bulk Buddy’s Dispensary shop with a coupon code of bulk5 to save 5% off now!


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 1/2 Ounce, 1 Ounce, Quarter Pound, Half Pound, Pound

29 reviews for Purple Dank Breath AAAA+ Indica Craft By Baby Daddy

  1. MatTang (verified owner)

    I order 6 different strains all AAAA or Craft, this one is the best by far. Flavor, smell, cure, everything is perfect. Thats a true Craft AAAA+

  2. Aaro

    What’s else did you order

  3. Tang (verified owner)

    One of my favorite here, the curing was perfect. Same as the picture

  4. Sami B. (verified owner)

    This batch is the flame!! Everything about it is sexy! Dense fat buds, burns pretty clean, the look and smell is unreal! and even lil joint get u pretty baked. Keep up the good work BB!!

  5. brrshup (verified owner)

    just a tad dry, but nice chunky, crystally, aesthically pleasing buds. nice smell and taste to it. burns well. It has a creeping effect, nice and relaxing, cool calm and collected. id buy this again

  6. Jean-Cule (verified owner)

    Hardrock nugs. Pretty damn good

  7. Dubz (verified owner)

    Straight fire 🔥 here and the buds are super tight & absolutely gorgeous!!! Good stuff baby daddy 👌

  8. borderG (verified owner)

    big hard buds. clean smoke burns white ash. smells and tastes great.

  9. M Mouse (verified owner)

    The batch prior to spet 16 batch was incredible! Crystals like crazy! I like the way this batch looks. Purple Candy taste from what I remember. I think the other batch leaned 50/50 but felt the Sativa more. This batch leans more indicia.

  10. amk.v (verified owner)

    looks great,lots of crystals,great high.

    verysmall buds. little dry just little, prob only 4 a
    small buds teally loat alot of points.
    thanks bulk buddy. u guysand ladies do a great job

  11. Jason Lyons (verified owner)

    Very good. Flush is perfect. Dry

  12. Mercdogstunna

    Beautiful nugs and smoke!

  13. jimboking (verified owner)

    Thanks to Bulk Buddy and the staff for amazing products, unbeatable prices and great job on the accuracy of orders

  14. Alex (verified owner)

    Great stuff highly recommend

  15. lesuspect450 (verified owner)

    clearly not a AAAA+ im not happy at all about this one…

  16. Albertsj (verified owner)

    Gooood Bud !!!

  17. Weedguy710420

    Dank for sure!

  18. funky (verified owner)

    Very nice just a little dry and fair amount of popcorn

  19. Zalisko519 (verified owner)

    This stuff is gas
    Perfect flush
    Quality high
    Quality smoke

  20. SumGuy (verified owner)

    They didn’t lie, it it’s some dank. A little too dank😂
    It has a bit of an odd smell but it’s good stuff

  21. ryoshuu (verified owner)

    Just as described. Those buds are just gorgeous.

  22. Logicskush (verified owner)

    nice buds, smoked well and hit nice. well done.

  23. Mikael dupuis (verified owner)

    The two first batch that i ordered was godlike. It was big king kong buds with hits of purple and white crystal . It was smelling and tasting like fruit or candy. This was my favorite strain , but it seems now that this strain loss a little bit of is attraction . The buds are smaller and less crystals and the taste change , But it still a very strong of the craft strain.

  24. Patch (verified owner)

    crazy stuff must try

  25. Michael777 (verified owner)

    Awesome bud

  26. Corey (verified owner)

    Beautiful flower! Nothing wrong with this one. Even great trichome coverage! 5 stars all day long! Freaking awesome job BB!

  27. Loki89

    Amazing bud so big

  28. Fitz


  29. Smevil (verified owner)

    Great taste, heavy gassy, diesel smell. Nice, chill stone, I can feel it under my eyes the more I smoke.

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