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Zig Zag Hash



Colour: Medium Brown
Texture: Medium-Soft

*Quality differs with new batches, smaller amounts are always recommended before you buy wholesale hash online.*


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Zig Zag Hash From Bulk Buddy’s Premium Online Cannabis Dispensary in Canada.

Zig Zag Hash is a premium hash that is processed adhering to cultural methods and standards to ensure a high-grade and authentic product every time. This black hash has a THC level of over 35% and packs a punch! What makes Zig Zag Hash so special is the amount of time the hashish spends curing and its brown almost black hue.

Another great domestically made hash is now available at Bulk Buddy’s Premium Hash Store. Other companies are saying this is imported from the Middle East but don’t believe it. This is domestically made which is almost similar to the import quality. The hash is malleable and easy to work with & packs a hybrid like a buzz without too heavy of a couch locking effect.

The hash will leave you relaxed. It provides a general sense of well-being and can make you feel a little sleepy. The combination of effects makes it perfect for pain relief and to combat nausea.

If you apply a little bit of heat, it will become more malleable and easier to work with.

There are a few ways in which one can consume this product:

– Crumble up & sprinkle into a joint
– Smoke out of a pipe/bong/hookah
– Smoke using a one-hitter

Hash, or Hashish, is a concentrate made from the resin of the cannabis plant. It is consumed by inhaling from a small piece, typically in a pipe, bong, vaporizer or joint, or via oral ingestion (after decarboxylation). As pure hashish will not burn if rolled alone in a joint, it is typically mixed with herbal cannabis, tobacco or another type of herb for this method of consumption.

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57 reviews for Zig Zag Hash


Average of 57 reviews

  1. Michael D. (verified owner)

  2. Patrick V. (verified owner)

  3. Wayne Cayer (verified owner)

  4. Lim Jahey (verified owner)

    Delicious! If you are looking for that old skool dark brown hash… this is it!
    As mentioned, it has a great taste, is very smooth, kiffs up perfectly for a joint (mind you I prefer to bong it mainly), great draw, and gives a very solid hash buzz.
    You really can’t go wrong with this choice if you are a hash fan like I am. I just bought 4 types, and this is the best of them by far.
    The others are mostly good, but are also less expensive. You get what you pay for.
    Best budget hash is the Rolex all day though. Check my review on there for more details.

    Big up once again BB!! Been my go to for months now. Keep on keepin on guys!

    ~your friendly neighborhood reefer head

  5. Jonathan Boisclair (verified owner)

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. J M. (verified owner)

    OK for the price. Ordered 5 types of hash: (listed by price from high to low) – zig zag, superman, phoenix, Mercedes gold, and Mercedes kiff hash. In order of quality/value, I would list – zig zag (but only slightly, def not worth 2x the price), superman, phoenix, kiff hash (which is more of a kiff/shake, but still very good value for the price), and the Mercedes gold. All types were quite similar – I would buy the superman and the kiff (at the lower end) again, as the two best values.

  8. Danny Jobin (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I’m disappointed. I received what I ordered (14 gr) but it was a bunch of pieces put together for fourtheen grams. It looked like leftovers put together. Not really professional. I have a pic that I would like to send to you but I don’t know what email use. Thanks

    • Bulk Admin

      hey let me get someone to contact you and resolve this!

  9. Erminio (verified owner)

  10. Robert L. (verified owner)

  11. Ross (verified owner)

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Jeff Skrepnek (verified owner)

    Good bang for your buck nice dark sticky hash will deffenitly get again thanks BB

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Decent enough for the light smoker. Mild and mellow buzz. Tasted ok. Not great flavour but not terrible either.

  16. Erminio (verified owner)

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Decent spicy taste and burns well. It’s also not over saturated with oil.

  18. steve (verified owner)

    good quality and price is right

  19. Kevin (verified owner)

  20. Lim Jahey (verified owner)

    Not near as good as the batches last spring and was almost a gram short on a quarter oz. These guys are usually always good with counts, so that threw me off. Not a very heavy buzz, but not bad, smells like tea, like almost all domestics kinda do. Last time I had this, it was super old school smelling and tasting (very close to import), however i am not overly impressed this time. Wondered why it dropped so much on the price. Get what ya pay for with hash I suppose. I give it 4 stars, because it is a bang for your buck, but if you are looking for an Afghan taste or something similar, pick another strain.

    ~Your friendly neighborhood reefer head,
    Lim Jahey

  21. Alex S. (verified owner)

    I have been smoking has for 35+ years and have smoked the worst to the best, from near and far and this hash is a decent draw. Nothing spectacular, you won’t get wrecked but you’ll have a nice mellow high for some time. It’s somewhat hard at first but can be moulded into a piece to bake for a joint or put in a bowl. It bakes nicely and burns smoothly when smoking. The taste is nice, the smoke is smooth with that hashish bite. I gave it five stars for it’s price point. For the price this is a great deal, good for day long smokers.

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

  24. Mike (verified owner)

  25. Jerrod Ritchie (verified owner)

    Mild buzz, pretty smooth, great price

  26. Daryle (verified owner)

    Very best of product and very fast Service I will be a return customer

  27. Audray Lavallée (verified owner)

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This one is my second favorite of the 8 I tried just a little more harsh then the Superman

  29. Sébastien (verified owner)

    Great classic very good high no down nice taste and his burn on a pick🤩🤯

  30. Denis (verified owner)


  31. Jeremie (verified owner)

    Good to smoke in a joint or a bong. Doesn’t smell so good and look kinda dark but still good for the price. Old school hash

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

  33. shredder

    really good

  34. Mercdogstunna


  35. Loki89

    Love it so much

  36. randy savage


  37. Olivier Banville

    Très bien comme truc

  38. weedguy710425

    Awesome colour

  39. Olivier Banville

    Bon vieux classique

  40. comatose77

    Great little brick

  41. Pholeevier Vanbeel

    Tres bien

  42. Top J

    Pair’s well with its namesake

  43. fred453


  44. Amy divine

    buzz léger gout correct

  45. comatose77

    always been a solid products and nothings changed🙌

  46. Melo6kle

    Really nice

  47. centvin


  48. Weedguy710420

    what it’s all about

  49. Pholeevier Vanbeel

    Mega texture

  50. stevesnow81

    great quality hash

  51. Melo6kle

    Pretty good

  52. Newfie1982

    Awesome hash

  53. jakethesnakeroberts


  54. Claudiaa

    Maudit que c’est du bon hash ca

  55. Stanley Cobblepot

    Amazing quality

  56. Melo6kle

    Definitely on my list this stuffs great a good potent!

  57. happiness is weed and coffee

    Super awesome quality hash

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