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  1. 184270

    Aro Man

    Second take for my review of this strain, because it's actually interesting, but was not on its own in my case... nose is appealing, a bit like the Hawaiian Runtz, pretty sweet floral with grapefruit front, proper cure, clear burn and so on... so after experimenting a little with various mixer options I had in stash, I found that flower to be fantastic when combined with Pineapple OG, or with Comatose (especially!) as examples worth mentioning... kind of adding some depth and strength to the buzz, which can be desirable, so... not sad if not alone 🙂

  2. 13578

    James Lochhead

    This sativa slaps hard out the bong. Damn, wasn't expecting such a solid buzz from this strain. 5000% satisfied. Easily deserves 5 stars. Bangin price. Buy it if it's available.

  3. 37035


    Nice taste, could be stronger.

  4. 198135


    Very potent, ashe burns white, nice taste

  5. 194957

    Dog Mom

    A bit dry but pretty good stuff! (This review is from a May 16 order)

  6. 194939

    Dog Mom

    (This review is from a May 16 order)

  7. 187628


    I have been smoking hash for 35+ years from the best to the worst. This hash is a five star hash because it delivers everything black hash should. A nice clean bake and crumble, a fantastic taste, worthy of the name, a nice thick smoke that’s not harsh, it gives you a very nice relaxing high that lasts quite awhile. It also receives five stars from me because of the price point. Great hash for a great price! Good job guys!

  8. 85318

    Dog Mom

    Nice stuff!! (This review is from a May 2 order)

  9. 100345

    Dog Mom

    Ordered this for a second time!

  10. 132189

    Dog Mom

    (This review is from an Apr 9 order)

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