It is widely known that Canada is one of the most liberal countries worldwide regarding cannabis marijuana products in the market. Thus, becoming legalized in 2018, everyone has been travelling to Canada to purchase and try medical cannabis dispensaries available locally and online.

Thus, with cannabis legalization in Canada, crime rates and better youth protection have gradually improved. So, it is safe to travel to Vancouver, BC, to try some BC cannabis, or if you do not have the leverage to cross between regions, you may order from trusted online cannabis dispensaries with high-rated BC cannabis.

We love to make things easier for everyone, so we curated this article and complied a list of the best dispensaries available in Vancouver based on online dispensaries, customer service, top-rated quality, distance, and other important aspect for customers to consider purchasing.

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Vancouver BC

Selecting the best cannabis dispensaries in Vancouver, BC, is essential for consumer buying decisions – especially when considering the amount of effect you are trying to accomplish with cannabis. Make sure that you are only purchasing from a reputable dispensary shop.

Aside from going to Vancouver to purchase cannabis, you can do some local tourist sightseeing, do some shopping, and enjoy the scenery. Although Canada is widely known for its friendly services, not every dispensary is the same.

Village Bloomery – Most Readily Available Dispensary

You will have many fine offerings at this dispensary in Vancouver, BC, all of which include farm cannabis. You can also check out the online dispensary if you want to order online. Its helpful service crew will help you decide between the best cannabis supplies in town.


We cannot find many cons about the Village Bloomery Vancouver dispensary. It is considered one of the best dispensaries in Vancouver for a reason, and anyone who has purchased cannabis products from here was satisfied with the pleasant atmosphere and other fine offerings.

Farm Cannabis – Craft Growing Specialists

Farm Cannabis in Vancouver, BC, provides the best of the best, and here, you will be able to find all sorts of varieties to suit your taste!


The biggest con we found about Farm Cannabis was that it is not an online dispensary; therefore, you cannot order delivery service in Vancouver, BC or other products online. This can be a giant downside for many people.

It has often been shown that online dispensaries perform better than their store counterparts simply due to their convenience. So we hope that this Vancouver dispensary will soon open an online shop!


The unique feature of this store is the ability to purchase everything online. It is many people’s favourite head shop. Some believe this is the hands-down best dispensary in Vancouver, BC.

Green Leaf Express – Finest in Premium Quality Cannabis

The Green Leaf Express is considered one of the best online dispensaries in Vancouver, BC and all of Canada. It is possible to order same-day delivery and all kinds of different strains.

The website even offers promotions from time to time, so be sure to check those out as well. Finally, the shop offers a wide variety of different cannabis products outside of cannabis itself.


The main downside is that this cannabis medical dispensary functions as an online shop, not a brick-and-mortar store, so if you were looking for something to check out within walking distance of Vancouver, BC, this is not it. However, online shopping is very convenient.

Buddha Barn – Unparalleled Service with Expert-level Knowledge

As we said, customers especially loved that this dispensary in downtown Vancouver BC was easily accessible. In addition, it included a customer service team that was highly knowledgeable about what they were selling.

It is considered one of the best cannabis dispensaries in downtown Vancouver BC.

City Cannabis CO

City Cannabis has shops in several locations, so you don’t just have to travel to Vancouver, BC, to buy weed.

Bulk Buddy – An Online Dispensary in Canada

It is an Online Dispensary with the best cannabis products from Vancouver, fresh, high-quality, and affordable prices in the market. Easy to purchase as we accept nationwide purchases, we have tons of suppliers in all regions all over Canada.

We offer 5% off in total purchases for first-time customers. We provide cannabis, concentrates, edibles, and others. One of the most popular BC cannabis we have is BC pink kush.

Final Thoughts…

As Canada is one of the first countries to have legalized marijuana, it is now possible to access different varieties while ensuring that what you are getting is entirely safe for consumption. While you can enjoy Vancouver scenery when buying cannabis travelling but for people who can’t travel much, purchasing online is the easiest, faster, and more convenient that Bulk Buddy can offer.

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