With the rise in the popularity of marijuana today, several online dispensaries in Canada have begun to emerge. After its legalization in the country, millions of individuals have started associating themselves not just with the medical benefits of marijuana but also for its recreational advantage. 

While granting permission for using and utilizing marijuana for personal use, there are still debates ongoing with regards to its usefulness. However, choosing the right online dispensary for your cannabis needs will always be a challenging undertaking to make. 

If you haven’t known yet, two of the famous online dispensaries in Canada today are BulkBuddy and Green Society. Despite these sites’ objectives and purposes in servicing millions of Canadians, they still have significant differences that can greatly impact how a user chooses his or her favoured online dispensary. 

Points of Comparison

Delving into the strengths and weaknesses of the two mentioned dispensaries, you will know which of them is above the other. While this activity may be a little bothersome, the result will be a positive one as you will be associated with a trusted service provider. 

Check-lists or Elements in Determining the Efficiency of an Online Dispensary: 

  • List of Products
  • Customer Service
  • Prices/Financial Value
  • Website Interface or User Interface
  • Offers (Discounts & Promos)
  • Website Credibility
  • Shipping and Delivery Services

As you take into account the mentioned checklists or elements, you will find out which of the two to trust and rely on for your cannabis needs. This process is not lengthy, as it also observes the way you purchase your favourite clothes online. 

BulkBuddy vs Green Society: Key Features in Online Dispensaries

QualitiesBulkBuddyGreen Society
Trusted products
Free shipping and delivery
Competitive customer service
Reasonable price
Excellent UI (user interface)
Site profile
Payment options
Website credibility
Reviews and Feedback

What Makes BulkBuddy Your Premier Online Dispensary?

Take advantage of the following features and characteristics that make BulkBuddy rise among its competitors:

  • Reliable Customer Service – When it comes to customer service, the first thing that comes to mind is reliable and trusted support coming from the company. Whether it be inquiries and concerns, BulkBuddy can help you all the way.
  • User-friendly website – Apart from the very accessible user interface of BulkBuddy, our website is both user-friendly and welcoming to new and returning customers. Our website and online features are what makes our website credible. 
  • Amazing discounts and promos – To ensure that our customers will return and still patronize our services, we offer exciting offers. You can always avail of our discounts and promos! 

If these are not enough to help in choosing the best online dispensary, then what should be done? Well, try it yourself! The only way to know is by visiting BulkBuddy! Visit our website today and know for yourself the amazing customer experience that our website offers!

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  1. I reccomend bulk buddy as they have yet to let me down with their service the quality and access to their site and products. I am a repeated customer who will always come back. If u havent tried orfering i highly reccomend that you do!!!!

    January 9, 2022
  2. I see this “reliable customer service” and I call bullshit on that. I just get ignored when I try to contact you after you guys failed to deliver my full order.

    I’m owed 3 oz’s of the mixed popcorn stuff on my most recent order. Stop ignoring me.

    February 10, 2022
  3. jadore votre cite . vos produit sont exellent et de premiere qualite..

    June 21, 2023

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