British Columbia is synonymous with natural beauty. The mountains are capped with snow, and the water is a deep blue colour. Evergreen forests abound, as do richly soiled valleys. A spot where there is plenty. Canada’s Eden—a fitting nickname given the once-forbidden fruit that thrives in its garden. Bud from British Columbia. World-class cannabis is synonymous with this word. BC Bud is the best, according to experts in Ibiza, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles. But why is that?

What is it that makes BC Bud rise so high above?

This question’s response begins with a story. The Vietnam War sparked a surge of displacement sixty years ago. The prospect of a safe home in British Columbia drew conscientious draft objectors from California, Oregon, and Washington. The province’s cannabis industry was still in its infancy at the time, with local growers beginning to cultivate the skills and techniques that would form the province’s cannabis culture.

A few of the 30,000 migrants seeking shelter in British Columbia brought seeds that would help diversify and improve an already thriving industry. After settling in communities around the Fraser Valley and the Okanagan, they discovered that they had landed in a community with perfect cannabis growing conditions. In this place, they could plant those seeds and watch them grow to new heights.

Now we’re getting to the meat of the problem. Bud took root in BC all those years ago, and thanks to a divine combination of nature, natural, and socio-political system, it still thrives today.

It can be because of the environment.

Pristine air, pure rocky mountain water, and naturally rich soil are all characteristics of the Kootenays, the traditional home of cannabis in British Columbia. The Kootenays have long been known as one of the world’s most fertile growing regions. It’s almost as if there’s a sign that reads, “Welcome to Cannabis Nation.”

It can be because of the natural climate. 

Cannabis cultivation is encouraged in BC due to its pleasant climate. BC is classified as a rainforest since it receives an average of 47 inches of rain each year. This plentiful rainfall promotes plant growth and increases crop yield. Add in a few long, hot summer days and a relaxed but mild fall season, and you’ve got some of the world’s most dynamic, resilient, and praise-worthy strains.

It can also be because of the socio-political climate.

The emergence of cannabis culture in British Columbia was aided by fertile soil, both literally and metaphorically. Even though it has only recently been legalized, cannabis has long been a significant part of BC’s economy; estimates put the industry’s annual revenue at $6-9 billion. Some argue that policymakers and law enforcement have historically taken a light-handed approach to cannabis policy because of its economic value.

Regardless of the reasons, this lenient approach gave BC cannabis growers the time and freedom to perfect their techniques, learn new skills, and reinvest in their company. The expertise, experience, and proud history of BC Bud’s growers are essentially what distinguishes the company.

Is BC Bud the Best Cannabis in the World?

The Qwest Cannabis Estate is right in the middle of it all. Qwest’s plants benefit from the abundance of both climate and atmosphere, as they are located in the heart of Cannabis Country in BC’s Creston Valley. Qwest’s farmers, who have a combined 50 years of experience, are committed to continuing the tradition of ‘BC Bud’ with their line of ultra-premium goods, bringing BC Bud from ‘best’ to ‘extraordinary.’

Don’t Think It’s the Best? Try It Out and See for Yourself!

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