WeedSmart Review

WeedSmart is a cannabis dispensary that uses the online platform to sell weed within Canada’s bounds—based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, that claims to be the best platform to purchase cannabis products. Their goal is to provide customers with high-quality and satisfactory products and purchasing experience. WeedSmart offers various products, such as cannabis flowers, marijuana edibles, cannabis concentrates, CBD, magic mushrooms, and more. However, is WeedSmart the best and ideal dispensary?

There are thousands of dispensaries in Canada today, and choosing the best shop can be daunting. This article will dig deeper into the different online weed shops and note the things that make an online dispensary stand out and worth transacting. There is a wide array of aspects to evaluate in finding the ideal online weed shop; and, we will look into the factors on how WeedSmart gets along with Bulk Buddy.

Things to Evaluate in an Online Dispensary

Bulk BuddyWeedSmart
Wide Customer Baseyesyes
Broad Product Selectionyesyes
Affordable Pricingyes
High-Quality Standards & Testingyesyes
Trusted and Verifiedyesyes
Accessible Site for 24/7yesyes
Substantial Blog/Newsyesyes
Guaranteed Deliveryyesyes
Low Price Guaranteeyesyes
Rewards and Freebiesyesyes
Good Deals and Promotionsyesyes
Option to Mix and Matchyesyes
Free Express Shippingyesyes

Cannabis Strains Options

The most important factor in purchasing cannabis from an online dispensary is the wide variety of products to choose from. This is necessary to hit the sweet spot of the buyers and their preferences. Having a wide array of cannabis strain selections means that the business is doing well and customers are satisfied with the products and services. Weedsmart does an exceptional job in offering a large variety of products, up to 100 cannabis strains. However, Bulk Buddy provides a wide variety of products. It has cannabis strains, concentrates, and edibles with amazing promos and discounts.

Rewards and freebies

One factor that you should keep an eye on when choosing the best weed dispensary for you is the freebies that they offer. Handing gifts to customers is smart to make them try products that they don’t usually purchase. Some online weed shops give freebies together with discounts or promotions. Who wouldn’t want to get freebies after purchasing high-quality products? The only downside of free deals is that not all dispensaries offer them.

During the last visit, Bulk Buddy is not offering any gifts. However, it still offers fantastic deals, such as free shipping for orders more than $100, 5% off for first-time customers, and around 40% off on selected cannabis items. They also offer corresponding points when checking out some things, which can be used for discounts for the next purchase. In WeedSmart, on the other hand, they offer gifts along with many deals, such as buy three get one free, essence sale, and more.

Good Customer Reviews

Customer feedback is always essential in every business. Having the means to read others’ thoughts regarding the items is the best option to do before proceeding to check out. Upon the last store visit, Bulk Buddy has a “Review” page containing the feedback of their satisfied buyers along with star ratings. This surely helps the patrons decide which product is the best and build their trust with the said dispensary. WeedSmart, on the contrary, does have a “Review” page located under the “Learn” option. The problem is that the landing page is broken; but, it has a review featured on the bottom part of its home page.

Final Thoughts on WeedSmart

With the rise of the cannabis industry, different brands have also emerged. They continue to survive in the middle of this pandemic, and online cannabis dispensaries are now on top of their games. Although WeedSmart has a lot of products and good deals, consumer feedback is always essential. Having a broken review page will affect the customer base because it helps in decision-making, entices people, and builds customer trust. It created a review page without content but featured a review on the bottom of their home page will confuse their patrons.

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