The idea in buying across the U.S to get items cheaper in Canada has been common for Canadians such as buying appliances, cars, clothes, cigarettes, alcohol or even cannabis products. Canadians love to cross-border shopping, but due to unforeseen cannabis price in the U.S would this habit be affected?

While prices vary a bit by state, it turns out that weed is consistently more expensive in the U.S.A — in states where it is legal — than it is in Canada. Why?

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In the U.S and the federal government have their own set of criminal laws, unlike Canada. They both contradict and it resulted to get things messy. Cannabis is one huge sample for this contradiction.

While several states have legalized cannabis, it’s still federally illegal, which complicates the U.S. cannabis economy, due to cannabis cannot be legally cross-state, any state that is legalized has to have its own self-contained cannabis economy which resulted to endless inefficiencies. 

“If there’s a surplus, you can’t ship it to another state,” says Brock University business professor Michael Armstrong.

“Even the companies that are operating nationally are really collections of state organizations. They have to have production independently in each state, and retailers independently in each state. They can have management co-ordinated across the country, but all the operations have to be state-by-state.”

Armstrong points to an extreme example of the problem: a cannabis store that opened not long ago on Nantucket, an island that’s part of Massachusetts.

Federally controlled water and air transport, Bulk Buddy choose to sell cannabis products like edibles, CBD oil and more, online. 

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By U.S. standards, Canada’s cannabis is a bargain

The lowest-priced dry flower from five Canadian public-sector sites Global News looked at starts just under $7 in non-bulk sizes, with a few a little below that point. Quebec has a handful under $6.

Ontario and Quebec offer a 28-gram bag of dried flower from Hexo. In Quebec, the price per gram works out to $4.49, and in Ontario, it’s $5.

We looked for the least expensive dry flower at dispensaries across the U.S. Here’s what we found. – All measurements are in metric, and all dollar amounts are Canadian, converted from the original U.S. prices on Dec. 17. 


  • Greenstone Provisions, Ann Arbor, Mich.: dried flower in the cheapest category starts at $13.11 a gram


  • Insa in Salem, Mass.: dried flower starts at $19.67 a gram


  • TweedLeaf Colorado in Colorado Springs, Colo., is more reasonable, starting at $9.18 a gram
  • Euflora, a statewide chain, has nothing under $14.79 a gram


  • Torrey Holistics in San Diego, Calif., starts at $13.11 a gram


  • Oregon Weedery in Portland, Ore.: three kinds of dried flower at $10.49 a gram
  • Green Health in Eugene has one strain at $6.56 a gram


  • Ranier Cannabis: $39.34 for 3.5 g, which works out to $11.24 a gram
  • Green Collar Cannabis in Tacoma, Wash.: cheapest dried flower are six varieties at $9.18 a gram, then another six at $10.49 a gram
  • Hashtag Cannabis, Redmond: starts at $12.46 a gram


  • Planet 13 in Las Vegas, Nev.: starts at $59 for 3.5 grams, which is $12.85 a gram
  • Essence Cannabis Dispensary: three types of dried flower at $11.80 a gram, up from there
  • Las Vegas Releaf: starts at $17.05 a gram, $51.14 for 3.5 grams, which is $11.14 a gram.

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