Due to the wildfire smoke in the western United States, Canada Post had to suspend service in Metro Vancouver. The suspension only lasted for a day following the occurrence that covered aerial parts of the region. Deliveries were held off to the areas affected, taking note of the safety of the local carriers and employees. 

Canada Post posted last week via twitter, “Due to poor air quality in central and southern #BritishColumbia caused by smoke from forest fires in the western United States, we are suspending delivery for the day and not sending our delivery agents out as conditions have made it unsafe.” Once the condition clears, deliveries will resume, according to Canada Post. 

Areas affected are as follows: parts of Vancouver Island – the Okanagan Valley and Similkameen regions, Kootenay, Nicola, and Fraser regions. These areas will have to experience delays for the coming days as the wildfire on the west coast hasn’t cleared completely. Even though the air quality in Metro Vancouver has improved to some degree, areas around the Lower Mainland are still experiencing the effects of the phenomenon. For the past week, the aerial condition of Vancouver was one of the worst across the globe. 

September 19, 2020, Canada Post gave an update via twitter, “Due to continued poor air quality in Central and Southern British Columbia, caused by smoke from forest fires in the western United States, we have updated below the Delivery service alerts for today.” The service company listed some parts of the region which are under the “Yellow Service Delivery” alert. These areas include parts of Metro Vancouver, New Westminster, Powell River, Richmond, Surrey, Greater Victoria area, and White Rock. 

As this has alerted businesses across Canada, especially parts of British Columbia, major customers will have to experience some delays with their deliveries, and as for BulkBuddy.co, there is no exception. We, at BulkBuddy, will continue to deliver our goods to your doorsteps. In these unprecedented times, we ask for your patience and understanding. This phenomenon will not hinder us to give you the highest quality of service you deserve. 

While waiting, please ensure to keep yourself updated with today’s condition. As we still battle COVID-19, there’s no other way but to keep our eyes on what we should be following and applying to our lives. Our country’s authorities are working hard to keep us all safe. In line with the pandemic, make sure to stay at home and keep yourselves safe. For essentials, you can use our online platforms to shop and buy. For BulkBuddy.co, you can always visit our online store and purchase what you want to get. 

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