The rise of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused the entire nation to stop thousands of businesses and operations in many industries, and this includes the community’s leading online dispensary for marijuana or cannabis. While the authorities continue to mitigate the situation, we are also keeping you posted on the coronavirus update and how it will affect our services to the local community. 

The safety of the people behind the success of our company is our top priority. In line with this, we are strictly following the safety protocols provided by the national government. We are taking precautionary measures to make sure that we are helping the community and the industry to cope up with this grievous scare. 

Some of the measures that have been observed include:

  • Use of safety equipment during our operations
  • Observing safety practices in and out of our premises. 
  • Frequent and proper handwashing
  • PPEs or sanitation supplies are made available inside our building
  • Observance of social/physical distancing
  • Body temperature check
  • Use of sanitizers inside our office

With our delivery services, we make sure we are always in contact with Canada Post. We have been informed that the risk is low, thus, making it less for the virus to affect you. Meanwhile, Canada Post has also followed the protocols given by the government. The country’s main postal operator is doing its best to ship your orders and meet your demands. For more information regarding Canada Post’s update for their services (closure and service interruptions), you can see it here. If you want to review some COVID-19 updates coming from the government, details are provided here

As the country’s leading distributor for your cannabis needs, rest assured that we are doing our best to meet your demands. While it’s been quite a bumpy ride, our services will continue to assist you, whether that be for medical or recreational purposes. Please note that we will do everything we can to provide you with the best products or services that you deserve.

This page will be updated regularly. Make sure to bookmark this page! 

For more questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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