As its name indicates, this pure Sativa strain originated from the famous city of Durban, South Africa. While the term poison describing this strain may seem dangerous, it is very beneficial in mitigating chronic pain and nausea episodes. Aside from the euphoric sensation you get from Durban Poison, its medical advantages are exceptional. 

What makes Durban Poison extra special is its capacity to uplift and boost your morning routine. It improves productivity for the whole day and increases your focus on specific tasks, especially your daily work. It smells sweet and refreshing. Its energetic effects can spark your sense of creativity. It sounds impressive, right?

In terms of its appearance, Durban Poison appears round and chunky. It has a thick coating of trichomes. It can be planted indoors or outdoors. It fits perfectly in different weathers, with little maintenance as you wait for its buds to appear. 

How long does it take for Durban Poison to kick in?

Durban Poison has a high THC level. It means that this strain can give you a high effect almost immediately. However, it is not the kind of high that makes you rest or relax. As mentioned, this strain increases your productivity. It is an essential ingredient of having a fruitful day, maybe at work or at rigorous undertakings. 

One of the star qualities of this strain is its resin production. This marijuana variety has a tropical fruit aroma and hints of a calming coffee. This is also why many cannabis breeders choose Durban Poison to make shatters and cannabis oils. 

Is there a difference between Green Crack and Durban Poison?

Green Crack and Durban Poison are both energy-boosting strains. While these strains share similar effects and functions, they still have major differences that you ought to know. 

First, Green Crack is effective when it is consumed during the day. As it is considered energy-boosting marijuana, taking it is recommended at any time of the day. Meanwhile, Durban Poison is most effective during the mornings. Its creative and productive results are best achieved when consumed during your morning routine. 

Second, Green Crack has a flavour comparable to citrus. It is also mostly made up of herbal terpene. Meanwhile, Durban Poison has a pine-like taste. It is made up of a fruit terpene known as Terpinolene. 

Both of these strains share similar effects medically. They mitigate episodes of headaches and migraines. They also reduce feelings of pain, which different health complications can cause.

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