If you want to experience a type of marijuana breed that yields a heavy high feeling with a delicious and euphoric flavour, the Guava Cake strain is the right fit for you! Recognized as a rare Indica dominant hybrid strain, the Guava Cake boasts its sweet tropical berry taste. 

This specific strain is a backcross of the supreme Gold Leaf breed. Its slight touch of earthly aromatic fragrance adds to the tropical essence that marijuana consumers get to indulge. Regardless of its purpose, whether it be for medical or recreational use, the Guava Cake strain provides consumers both an enjoyable and therapeutic perception. 

Aroma and Flavour

In terms of its essence and fragrance, you will surely enjoy how it smells so herbal. Its earthly aromatic scent balances its tropical berry flavour. The dominant taste is primarily tropical. Its sweetness level is 16%, with a touch of citrus essence at 8%. 

The Guava Cake strain can be consumed any time of the day. Because of its sweetness, it can be partnered with a warm and comforting coffee in the morning. It can also be enjoyed during evening smoke sessions, which are highly capable of relaxing your muscles, eventually giving you a peaceful sleep and rest. 

Medical Benefits of Guava Cake Strain

The highest test rate ever recorded for the THC content is 30%. After consuming a single dose of this strain, you will immediately feel a pleasant and airy sensation. Because of its heavy high effects, you will feel a lighter sense throughout your body. 

Its medical benefits are as follows: 

  • It relieves depression and headaches. 
  • It treats insomnia. 
  • It eases chronic stress.
  • It diminishes episodes of fatigue.
  • It helps alleviate incidents of nausea. 

Apart from the mentioned medical effects of this strain, it also gives that relaxed, tingly, and euphoric effects to those who use it for recreational purposes. What makes this strain a popular marijuana hybrid is it yields little to no side effects. You can enjoy it without thinking of the possible adverse reactions. 

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