Have you been chewing those sweet and tasty CBD Gummies for quite some time and asked yourself what makes it so enjoyable? Trust me; it’s not rocket science. It’s all here you need to know about how CBD Gummies are made.

Learn How CBD Gummies Are Made with this Easy Steps

CBD Oil Extraction

It only takes three letters to know the core ingredient in creating these tasty Gummies: CBD, of course! CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is a natural chemical compound produced by cannabis plants. To give you a better understanding of CBD products, these are extracts from a specific type of cannabis plant called hemp.

The extraction technicians will have to separate the oily hemp resin from the plant material to get CBD. There are two methods technicians choose from for CBD extraction: Solvent Extraction and CO2 Extraction.

Solvent Extraction

Most experts suggest that this method is much more dangerous for extracting CBD since its way of doing things involves using highly flammable products such as butane, ethanol, isopropyl, propane, and alcohol. These solvents help separate CBD from the material, but you must also keep in mind the substances used for this method. This method produces a resulting mixture of CBD oil with the solvent. The solvent will evaporate in such time, leaving a pure CBD oil behind.

CO2 Extraction

On the other hand, the CO2 method is a cleaner and safer form of extraction. This is the reason why it is the most widely-used method by technicians around the world. Instead of using highly flammable products, pressurized CO2 under high temperature is used. It allows the CO2 to reach the “supercritical” stage, or mostly known as supercritical CO2.

This extraction method is quickly becoming an industry standard because of its efficacy and purity. Although supercritical CO2 extractions may be costly, you will surely get your money’s worth with the product it produces.

Making CBD Gummies

Now that we have successfully extracted our CBD oil, the fun part starts. To make CBD gummies, you will need the following primary ingredients:

  • Sugar
  • A thickener (gelatin or can be fruit pectin)
  • Flavoring

You may add other ingredients such as natural coloring and starch to ensure correct consistency. You will have to mix, heat, and pour these primary ingredients all together into molds. After this process, it would be the right time to add our CBD oil in the process. It is crucial to infuse both the CBD oil and the gummies before they harden. Adding the CBD oil after the primary cooking process helps you maintain the quality of your extracted CBD. In addition to that, you must keep in mind that CBD begins to deteriorate at about 329°F (200°C).

Now that we have added our CBD oil, once the mixture cools into molds, it transforms into the tasty, sweet, and chewy CBD gummies that we all love and crave for.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is good to be curious about how the products we intake are made, especially these tasty CBD gummies we always crave. Making delicious CBD gummies goes through different processes, from CBD oil extraction to cooking and mixing the CBD oil at the right time to preserve its quality.

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