The euphoric feeling of consuming cannabis is not all about inhaling and puffing its smoke. It can also be taken in a delicious, healthy, and safer way, and it’s called Edibles.

How long do edibles kicks in your system?

How long do edibles kicks in your system?

Your body will likely experience different effects depending on the means of ingesting cannabis or smoking. Like any other food or beverage, travel through the digestive tract. The metabolism process then takes place where the compounds are metabolized in the liver and transformed through ingestion. 

That is the reason why edibles take so long to kick in. It can begin to peak around 2 hours after consumption, so it is hard to get an accurate dosage. It is advisable to wait before taking or getting another bite of your favourite. It can take up to 24 hours for the effects to linger in the body.

What Are Edibles? 

Edibles are food products from cannabis. It is a popular and attractive way of consuming cannabis, especially for those who don’t want to smoke and take a more healthy approach to use it. 

Cannabis enthusiasts enjoy its many forms, including but not limited to brownies, cookies, gummies, tea, chocolate, oils, and candies. Anyone 18 years old or, in some regions, 19 years old and above can purchase ready-made. 

Edibles can be made by adding oil, butter, or tinctures that contain cannabis into food. It is more discreet to consume since it can disguise as regular food, such as brownies, one of its most popular forms. There’s just one thing to keep in mind in eating raw cannabis they are not the same thing. Edibles are food or beverages that have cannabis. In contrast, natural cannabis is a plant, and it will not have the same effect.
Another fun option for the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis. One advantage is if the individual has respiratory conditions or simply doesn’t want to smoke, it is known as the best choice to enjoy cannabis. One thing to take note of is that cannabis can affect everyone differently, so pace yourself. 

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