Hash or Hashish. Perhaps, you’ve already known about hash being a concentrated form of marijuana or cannabis, but knowing how to use it for recreational purposes may be something you need to consider. Below are eight different ways on how to smoke hash. We’ve also provided tips on every method that you can try anytime, anywhere. 

8 Different Ways on How to Smoke Hash

Pack into a Pipe or Bong

Smoking Hash BongThis method is the easiest. It’s simple and the most common way that users always follow. In doing this method, prime your hash first. Priming will provide you with a better smoking experience. Once done priming, place the hash on a spoon and apply flame. Do this for a minute or so until the hash becomes soft. Once it has become softer, gently sprinkle the hash into your pipe or bong. You can either smoke it alone or add some flowers for potency. 

Roll in a Spliff or Joint

joint rollGrab your rolling papers and the herbs (cannabis). If you want a “spliff”, do so by adding tobacco. Next, apply heat to the hash. To make your hash more malleable, you can be creative by spreading it over the weed and rolling it into a spliff or joint. This method is pretty simple. You could even mould your hash and create a snake form out of it!  

Use a Hookah

Hookahs have several hoses attached. This is why it’s ideally used for group socializations. The method is also very simple. Simply roll the hash and form it into balls. After rolling, put your hash into the top of your hookah. Next, fill the hookah with three-quarters of water. Then, heat the charcoal and once hot, place it on the hash. 

With Glass and Pin

Considered classic, the use of glass and pins may be a weird method since it involves catching the smoke in a glass. The first step includes capturing the smoke using a regular glass. Right after that, place a small amount of hash on the pin. Light the hash and you should see a small flame. Once you spot the flame, blow it and put your glass over the smoke. Let your glass fill with smoke. Lift one edge of the glass and insert the straw. Now, you can enjoy your hash and inhale it.

Dabbing or Dab Rig

This method is done by using a dab rig, which users say a bit more complicated compared to other methods. It has a dab nail that you point towards the flame. Once heated up, turn the flame off and place the glass bong into the top of the nail. Apply the hash on the nail using the dabber and inhale the smoke within the bong. 

Use with your Vaporizer

Vaporizing your hash is the healthiest alternative to consuming marijuana. This method can be used using two types of vaporizers, one of which is a portable vaporizer, which requires a set with a temperature of 180 to 210 degrees Celsius. The other one is called a tabletop vaporizer that users say is a bit easier. The tabletop vaporizer method is followed by mixing the hash with dry flower. Use this device in mixing and make sure to add more flowers than the hash. 

Bottle Hit

Bottle HitFor this method, you will need to prepare an empty bottle and a cigarette. First, make a hole in the bottom of the hole, enough for the cigarette to stick through. Make sure to have the lid in place and apply your hash resin on the joint and light it. Wait until the smoke fills the bottle. Put your hand over the hole in the bottom, remove the bottle cap, and enjoy inhaling the smoke. 

Use with Hot Knives

Using hot knives to smoke hash is dangerous, and it’s not highly recommended. But if you insist, we will provide you with a careful procedure. Start the method by preheating two butter knives. Prepare a straw and place it above the knives to capture the smoke. Once it heated, put some hash between the knives and press carefully. Smoke will eventually come out and using your straw, inhale it. 

Experience the Fun

Choose among the eight different ways and decide which option best fits you. Do you consider pipe and bong, which are said to be the easiest, or vaporizing, which is more modern? Whatever it may be, you are up for an exciting hash session. You can have fun, but make sure to do it responsibly! 

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