Whether your roommate, landlord, or neighbours, getting yourself caught while smoking your favourite weed is a bummer. While living in an apartment is beneficial, there are things that you should control to avoid trouble, most especially if smoking weed is still frowned upon around you. 

The fact that you are here explains your curiosity about minimizing or ultimately ceasing your concerns about smoking weed inside your stead. Here are the best ways to prevent yourself from getting caught while enjoying your most-desired cannabis product. 

The first step is to restrict the smell or fragrance of the weed you’re using from reaching other people. Consider the following: 

  1. Use wet towels – This is probably the most common method of smoking weed discreetly. Simply soak the towel in water and cover the bottom part of your door where the opening is located. This will prevent the smoke from leading out of your room. 
  2. Use an air purifier – Air Purifiers are the trends today. Besides giving your room a fragrant and calming essence, it can remove the odorous smell, such as smoke from marijuana. 
  3. Use odour eliminating candles – For someone who loves putting odour-removing candles at home, this option is just right for you. Besides getting rid of an unwanted marijuana smell, it can lighten up the atmosphere in your room. 
  4. Use vapes – If you’re looking to smoke a marijuana product that has a pleasant smell. As a result, using vapes is advantageous. There are a lot of vape varieties available in the market today, which can partner with a popular cannabis concentrate. 
  5. Use a bong – This is, by far, the most effective method to avoid the smoke from leaking out. Simply smoke using a bong and witness how the glass keeps the scent inside. 

Here are the Dos and Don’ts of smoking weed in your apartment:


  1. Place all of your cannabis products in one smell-proof storage.
  2. If you are hesitant to use the methods provided above, you can smoke inside your bathroom and let the steam from the shower do its job. 
  3. As mentioned, using a bong is the most effective method to follow. You can try it! It’s just so easy!
  4. Smoke far from the smoke alarm. Doing so will prevent the said device from alarming your landlord. You can even cover it with a shower cap!


  1. Leave your vents open – This can only cause you trouble as your neighbours can complain.
  2. Forget washing your hands – It’s common knowledge to always wash your hands after smoking. It will prevent the smell from sticking to your skin. 

As you follow all these tips, you will enjoy smoking your favourite weed. Visit Bulk Buddy today and purchase your most-desired smoke! 

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