What is Island Pink Kush Strain?

The Island Pink Kush is one of the most popular indica subspecies of the cannabis plant. It is widely used in physical relaxation, which can provide that needed calmness and serene sensation for every consumer. No doubt it’s famous and a particular favourite strain among Canadians for many years. 

Aside from being a heavy-hitting indica hybrid, is considered a legendary strain. For many, it’s a descendant of what is called OG Kush. In other words, this specific strain has a respected lineage, which means ancient or royal heritage. Sounds high-class, right? 

This cannabis plant is the perfect getaway bud for those who have a long and hectic day. Its uplifting, high effect can calm the nerves and ease the stress within your body. It is not just known for providing users tranquillity after a rigorous day. It also has a sweet and delicious taste.

The appearance of Island Pink Strain

The Island Pink Kush Strain has an alluring appearance. It is the true definition of beautiful marijuana – a wide range of pink, yellow, and green colours. 

Island Pink Kush Strain by Bulk Buddy

Aroma and Flavour

It has an intense aroma; however, it is not entirely undesirable. It has a woody fragrance and earthy scent. It yields a pleasing citrus aroma plus the delicious effect of vanilla overtones. 

This strain is also blessed with the essence of pine and flowers. It has a fruity and calming fragrance, which can remind you of an exquisite countryside scent. 

THC and CBD Content

The THC content of the Island Pink Kush is roughly 22%, while its CBD content is around 15%. These facets guarantee that this strain is safe for usage, with overwhelming medical effects that users can take advantage of. 

Medical Benefits

Like other hybrids of cannabis available in the market, today also shares many medical benefits. What are these? Consider the following: 

  • A great stress reliever
  • Relieves anxiety and panic disorders
  • Alleviates episodes of insomnia or sleeping disorders
  • Mitigates chronic pain
  • Alleviates migraine or severe headaches
  • Soothes, muscles spasms, and back issues

The Island Pink Kush is an excellent bud for both recreational and medical purposes. If you wish to purchase this kind of product, you can just order through us. So, what are you waiting for? Visit us today and rate your favourite cannabis item!

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