A lot of people often misunderstood the use of male cannabis plants. Sometimes, when identified by growers, these cannabis plants are terminated on sight. While this is fair and reasonable in a sinsemilla garden, there are some things that you might wish to consider and might pleasantly surprise you when you know how to make the most of them.

In this article, we have put together some of the things that you can do to make the most of your male cannabis plants. Read on to find out!

5 Things You Can Do with Male Cannabis

Breeds Cannabis

As a beginner, you have the option to clone the mother plant and create a ceaseless line of consistent buds from identical female plants. When you learn and master more skills, you will know how to identify flaws with your bud. For instance, you may want it to be more resinous and potent. Alternatively, you might love it if the flowering stage ended a bit sooner.

To make the job easy, male cannabis plants come to your rescue! Males’ primary function is to breed seeds. When they pollinate females, they provide 50% of a seed’s genetic makeup. If you have male cannabis plants that grow quickly, pass their positive traits on to boost the quality of new generations.

Creates Hemp Fiber

Male cannabis plants are a great option when it comes to creating hemp fiber as they have firm and fibrous stalks. Males give out soft and fine fibers that weave the most delicate fabrics. While weaving is not on the top of your list, it’s important to note that male plant fiber is the best option when making hemp products (e.g. tablecloths and clothing).

Produces Concentrates

Sure, male cannabis plants are indeed far less potent than females. But they still have THC, which is why they can have psychoactive properties. Males don’t produce buds, but you can find cannabinoids in their flowers, leaves, and stems. Plus, you can benefit from a gentle buzz by drying and pressing the pollen you find in male plants.

During the initial stage of the vegetative growth phase, male plants have a higher THC concentration in their leaves than females. By the adult stages, females take over and produce a far higher THC ratio because males have limited lifespans. Since there are no procedures available to delay pollination and boost resin production, you may extract the existing resin and create hash oil, BHO wax, dabs, or other concentrates.

Enhances Gardens

For centuries, farmers have used marijuana plants as ‘companions’ for garden vegetables. Male cannabis plants produce terpenes — the aromatic oils found in cannabis that account for the delightful scent and taste.

Terpenes also work excellent for pest and disease control. As such, you can use male cannabis plants in your flower or vegetable gardens. Just make sure that they remain far away from female cannabis plants.

Before, farmers would allow up to two vigorous male marijuana plants to grow. This is because they knew how to keep them well away from the females. They placed them at the far end of the garden. Also, they made sure that the plants were sheltered from the wind.

Then, the farmers planted corn, sunflowers, or beans between the two plant genders, reaping healthy crops with a few seeds in them. They had enough seeds to grow the following year’s crop without minimizing that year’s THC content.

To top that, cannabis plants have long taproots that can dive deep into the ground and break apart low standard soil. This often results in infiltration and improvement of nutrients and moisture. Plus, taproots keep the soil in place and make sure that there are no issues regarding soil loss and nutrient run-off in times of heavy rain.

Makes Delicious, Healthy, Nutritious THCA Juice

Have you ever heard of raw cannabis juice? If so, it is right that you should know how it’s made. It appears as if the cannabolic acids in cannabis juice have many benefits. As a matter of fact, they provide plenty of the same benefits as marijuana consumed in other ways.

Just as their female counterparts, male plants have the same concentration of these potentially healthy juices. That’s why you can drink the juice and enjoy a dose of healthy cannabinoids, without worrying so much about getting high.

Key Takeaways

Many marijuana growers would just throw away their male plants. Now that you know that there are plenty of things that you do with them and that they are far from being useless, we’re sure you won’t be throwing away every single bit of them.

Other than providing you with healthy juices, males are great garden companions. They also help in making clothes from hemp fibre, they are essential for breeding, and you can make use of them in concentrates.

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