Can Marijuana Concentrates Go Bad?

Have you ever wondered if marijuana concentrates go bad? As a user, have you ever thought about its shell life? Often called as budder or honey oil, marijuana concentrates are highly potent THC with about 40-80 percent of Tetrahydrocannabinol levels. This form of cannabis extract is noted to be four times stronger than your typical top-shelf marijuana. But just like other products or drugs, these kinds of concentrates also last. Read on to know more. 

Take this, for example, you’ve just discovered that you’ve happened to store a marijuana concentrate in your cupboard for over eight months already. Upon checking it, you deemed it as still smokable, but its appearance may no longer have that golden “shatter” when you purchased it. Has its quality gone bad? Has its shell life decreased for the past months it’s been stored? 


Exposure to the atmosphere will affect the quality of your concentrate. It is how nucleation works. In other words, the air is your enemy. If you smell a distinct aroma caused by terpenes may ring a bell that your concentrate has evaporated and lose its value. If this happens, immediate usage of the concentrates must be done, but it doesn’t mean you need to consume all that you have. However, storing it properly will help marijuana concentrates last longer than expected. Doing so will retain its flavour for about six to eight months. 

Preparation also plays a significant role in the shell life of concentrates. The process of winterization makes oils and shatter more stable. It won’t affect the THC content, but the terpene retention gets all the effect, with the number of lipids being reduced. Many users find this way more exhilarating because of the smoother experience it gives, but it’s all just about personal preference. 

Aging Concentrates

The idea of ageing concentrates is similar to buds and other cannabis extracts. The longer you store your concentrate, the higher chances it gets to degrade, and the quality deteriorates. Take cannabis flowers as an example – about 17 percent of its potency is at stake once it is stored for a year at room temperature. However, there are no authentic reports that support this notion. 


To avoid compromising your concentrate’s quality, colour, smell, or flavour, it is highly recommended to only buy what you can consume on a regular basis. Always keep in mind the fresher concentrates are way better than those stored for over a year. If you are looking for the best marijuana concentrates in town, visit today and purchase the finest products that suit your cravings and needs! Don’t waste time. Visit our online store now!

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