Marijuana Legalized in Canada

Marijuana legalization in Canada experienced divided attention in the community. Whether it be recreational or medical, its legalization has paved the way for its limitless usage, creating a nationwide buzz and harmonic noise to those who take pleasure in using it. 

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana achieved its legality on July 30, 2001, under conditions outlined in the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. Having the same fate with Cannabis, the drug was added to Canada’s Confidential Restricted List in 1923, thus making it illegal nationwide. Cannabis cultivation was also forbidden, with strict compliance to narcotic control in the country. 

Arrests concerning marijuana activity took place in the 1960s. From 25 recorded arrests, the number of imprisoned users has risen to over 12,000. The drug gaining too much popularity made the government form a royal commission pertaining to non-medical use of drugs — also known as the Le Dain Commission. It was in the year 1969 that investigation happened with regards to the practice of the prohibited drug. 

Furthermore, in the year 2001, a medical marijuana program was implemented. The practice of cannabis for medical purposes was authenticated by Health Canada. However, it has two defining categories that set out the eligibility of patients to use it. The first category states that cannabis treatment will only be given if symptoms shown are part of the “end-of-life” care. It includes medical conditions such as severe pain from arthritis, seizures, nausea caused by cancer or HIV/AIDS infection, and muscle spasms coming from spinal cord injuries or diseases. The second category may only take effect if patients have debilitating symptoms of medical conditions. 

Recreational Marijuana

It was October 17, 2018, when marijuana was legalized for recreational purposes. The prime minister, Justin Trudeau, announced its long-awaited legalization, which also ends the country’s long deliberation as to when the drug can be used legally. The said legalization works under the Cannabis Act, which states the availability of at least 30 grams of cannabis for people aged 18 years or older. 

The Cannabis Act also accounts for that people are free to buy dried or free cannabis from licensed retailers, may it be online or in provincial-based producers. The act may be an ease to the community, but it is strict to underage people. Illegal usage of marijuana by minors will cause them to spend 14 years in jail. Its legalization, however, does not mean it allows physical stores to operate in selling the drugs. Only online stores are allowed to market and sell these drugs. 

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