Also known as Pink Death Strain, Pink Star is a cross-breed of Cannabis Indica Strains – Death Star and Pink Kush. It is characterized by its earthy aroma yet sweet to the smell. This strain is perfect for evening use, which can provide users with a very relaxed and peaceful sleep. Aside from its lovely and satisfying effects, Pink Star is also famous for its rare lineage being a 100% pure Indica. Its buds are consecrated with an olive green colour accompanied by its pinkish undertones, just like the Pink Rockstar Strain.

Aside from being used for recreational purposes, Pink Star is also very effective for its medical usage. Following its stoning effect, the strain is capable of relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can eliminate negative sensations like nausea and vomiting. These health effects are what make the strain very useful in the medical field. Furthermore, its natural wonders to the body and emotions to people make it more notable and useful.

Pink Star has a high-level THC content of 22-26 percent. This alone explains its effectiveness in treating or alleviating signs of chronic body sensations. Additionally, this strain is the best choice for someone who has a low THC tolerance because of its lack of extensive cerebral effects. Sleeping problems, such as insomnia, can be alleviated and help someone to sleep peacefully and longer.

In consuming Pink Star, the high effect comes quickly after taking the final toke. You will likely experience a controlling feeling over you, which can cause you to drop or jump soon on your couch or bed. Its stony effect leads you to a state of relaxation and relief feeling.

Benefits and Effects of Pink Star Strain

Consider the following benefits and positive effects of consuming Pink Star Strain.

  • Temporary relief from PTSD, depression, anxiety, shakiness, and other neurological dilemmas.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe body pains.
  • The best remedy for sleeping disorders, such as insomnia attacks.
  • Provides a relaxing sensation after a hectic work during the day.
  • Its high THC level can provide relieving effects to chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, and other chronic body aches.
  • Solve eating problems, such as lack of appetite. Consuming this strain can make you hungry and crave more food.
  • Encourages gain weight.
  • Offers a soothing and euphoric feeling.

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