With the emergence of marijuana’s popularity nowadays, hundreds of online dispensaries have begun to rise. The legalization of marijuana use in Canada paved the way for digital and physical stores to open and introduce their cannabis products to the general public. 

Regardless of the negative comments of marijuana use, this enjoyable plant has already made names because of its medical benefits and advantages. Aside from its healthful properties, taking a few puffs or smokes of this product is considered blissful and euphoric. 

Two of the major marijuana online dispensaries in Canada today are BulkBuddy and Buy My Weed Online. These dispensaries may share the common goal in providing Canadians with their cannabis needs, but they still have major differences that we will be talking about here. 

Points of Comparison

There are different ways to know the comparison of these two leading online dispensaries. The list below will explain to millions of users which of these two dispensaries is the right choice. Consider the following: 

Check-lists or Elements in Determining the Efficiency of an Online Dispensary: 

  • List of Products
  • Customer Service
  • Prices/Financial Value
  • Website Interface or User Interface
  • Offers (Discounts & Promos)
  • Website Credibility
  • Shipping and Delivery Services

As you ponder on the mentioned checklists, you will realize what a legit and reputable online dispensary should have as a service provider. Take these checklists into account, and you will learn which of them is the perfect choice for your cannabis needs. 

Key Features in Online Dispensaries

QualitiesBulkBuddyBuy My Weed Online
Trusted products
Free shipping and delivery
Competitive customer service
Best Value Strains
Wide-Selection of Marijuana Strains
Excellent UI (user interface)
Site profile
Payment options
Website credibility
Reviews and Feedback

What Makes BulkBuddy Your Leading Canadian Online Dispensary?

Learn the positive elements explaining the legitimacy and trustworthiness of BulkBuddy as Canada’s leading online dispensary. 

  • Satisfactory Customer Support – BulkBuddy boasts of its exceptional customer support. Our website is known to give satisfactory service, with 24/7 availability to millions of customers. 
  • User-friendly website – Aside from having excellent customer service, we also take pride in our user-friendly website. As you browse our site, you will have an accessible and quick functioning website for your shopping experience.
  • Amazing discounts and promos – For several years, our successful operations have elevated our stance in the commercial industry. We offer amazing discounts and promos for you to enjoy and use!

BulkBuddy.co takes pride in being the most trustworthy and reliable online dispensary for your cannabis demands. Purchase only through us and enjoy an amazing and satisfactory shopping experience. So, what are you waiting for? Visit BulkBuddy today! 

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  1. In the past I have purchased from “BMWO” but the prices for their top product is just too high, I am sorry but $273.00 for an ounce of any cannabis is just too high for 2022 and do not offer any bulk discount??
    Now I have switched to Bulk Buddy and have never been more pleased with my decision, they have the best Craft Cannabis and others too with the best prices that I have seen in years. To be able to purchase Craft Cannabis for under $100.00 per ounce (after bulk discounts) is just the best value for your dollar. I have been smoking Cannabis for almost 50 years and Bulk Buddy always a very good selection of Cannabis and other products, one stop shopping with a discount, what more could you ask for. Keep up,the good work Bulk Buddy!!! Try Bulk Buddy you will not be disappointed!!!!

    October 12, 2022

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