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AAA+ Premium Shake/Trim (Jet Fuel)



** Warning Disclaimer **

Will contain stems, leaves and/or small amounts of perlite/styrofoam – Hand & Machine trimmed Medicinal AAA Grade Shake/Trim. Consumers frequently use shake/trim for cooking concentrates, edibles sifting for kief, concentrates, perhaps even smoke. and everything else!

I highly recommend purchasing small amounts(ounce) first to see if suitable for your requirements.


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Jet Fuel Indica Dominant Hybrid Weed Shake is now available at Bulk Buddy’s Curated Online Dispensary in Canada.

Jet Fuel weed shake, also known as G6, from 303 Seeds is the ultimate cross of some of the most renowned Diesel strains. By combining Aspen OG with High Country Diesel, we are left with a hybrid that stays true to the influence of SFV OG Kush and East Coast Sour Diesel in its lineage. The name Jet Fuel isn’t purely devoted to the sweet, pungent aroma of diesel fumes that this strain exudes, but also the high-energy jolt of uplifting effects that eventually level off to provide a dream-like state of relaxation.

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28 Grams, Quarter Pound, Half Pound, Pound, 2 Pounds

32 reviews for AAA+ Premium Shake/Trim (Jet Fuel)


Average of 32 reviews

  1. Shawn K. (verified owner)

    Basic trim. Yield was low quantity, but good buzz.

  2. Brittney (verified owner)

    I’m almost hesitant to write this because I truly want to purchase it all for myself. This is my second order from BB, and their quality and safety measures are amazing!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great value!!

  4. Conway LeCointre (verified owner)

  5. Rev Dr SHAUN D. (verified owner)

    This is x64 potency what is this from Jupiter >?LOL I got a bag with tons of tricho’s what an awesome buy thanks guys

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. andrew higgins (verified owner)

    not to bad not the best ive had but still gets the job done tho

  8. lorerlei

    ordered 4 ounces and got 4.6 mostly little pieces of nuggets and a lot of kief. not a whole lot of leaves in this batch, really good for smoking or eddys. I rip full bowls of this through my bong and it’s super smooth. will be ordering again.

  9. Pike

    Good return on hash

  10. Dragonjoe (verified owner)

    It’s okay. Different taste though. Not as kiefy as others

  11. Olivier Banville (verified owner)

    Ça passe juste manque quelques chose

  12. weedguy710425

    Found some nice little nugs in this one

  13. Olivier Banville (verified owner)

    Quand même agréable

  14. stephipooki


  15. comatose77

    Great little bag

  16. Brandon Bérubé-Masson

    The greatess smell in bulkbuddy is right their

  17. olive8888

    Je pas sure mais je pense que ça sent le carburant d’avion

  18. Andrew Higgins (verified owner)

    One of my top 10 for sure
    Vfew buds in it and peace of crystal

    Thanks guys

  19. Sagana (verified owner)

    Je suis vraiment étonner !!! Vraiment la qualité et de loin supérieur a ce que je suis habituer Client plus que satisfait !

  20. Brittney Gilchrist (verified owner)

    I’m so happy that I remembered about this buying this from BB 2 years ago… it’s an excellent energetic high that doesn’t couch-lock me. This is my second round of the stuff and I will be back for more when I run dry. It’s smokable quality, just got to clean a few stems and stuff out before you grind and you’re good to go!

  21. Carine

    faut aimer les saveurs spécial

  22. centvin


  23. Magneto


  24. john smith

    all day

  25. Melo6kle

    Good buzz

  26. Ryan (verified owner)

    Nice buzz, lots of hardened keif balls

  27. Newfie1982


  28. jakethesnakeroberts

    Amazing price

  29. harchain62 (verified owner)


  30. Dragonjoe (verified owner)

    Awesome Shack!!! Got about 10% in buds. Great enough to just “Roll and Go”
    Very potent and ready to roll. 5 star all day.

  31. newfie1982

    Great prices, amazing selection, can’t beat bulk buddy!

  32. Melo6kle

    very good indica shake!!

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